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Turn your Pinewood Derby Car into a big spider! It's as easy as ABC!

Example of pinewood car

Spider Pinewood Derby
                Car DecalSpider Pinewood Derby Car Decal

This decal is no longer available.
You can find our current decals here.

Spider Car Decal

Spider Decal
Includes spider body, eight legs and web.


Pinewood Derby Car

Pinewood Derby Car

Sample of the Spider decal on a car


You can place the spider's legs in a variety of positions to accommodate your car's design.
Here are some examples.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

This example shows a typical spider position, waiting on her web for a hapless bug to come along. Pinewood Derby Car Decal
Add the Bugs Decal to give your spider something to eat. You can also add some baby spiders from our Creepy Decal and make a small spider army.
Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Start a war with the spider by adding the Military Decal.Use some red paint or our red marker to add some blood.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Shock the web with the Thunder Strikes Decal. You could even add some Lightning Bolts to make it more electrifying.

Decal Instructions

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