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Jun 19 2024
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Everything you need to design and build a fast derby pinewood car. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Tip #16

Paint the first one inch of the bottom of your pinewood derby car black. This will prevent reflections from interfering with the tripping of the track timer.

Design and Build a Winning Derby Pinewood Car

Our books cover the full spectrum of derby pinewood racing. They are filled with the latest tips, tricks and speed secrets so you know that you are getting the best information available.

Building eht fastest pinewood derby car book

Building the Fastest Pinewood Derby Car

Everything you need to know to build a fast pinewood derby car
Why do I want this book?
  • Detailed instructions to build the ultimate pinewood derby car.
  • Templates and instructions for eight advanced designs
  • Optimum placement tips.
  • Covers several different finishing techniques
  • Get the optimum speed from the car's wheels and axles.

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I just wanted to thank you for the best information I've ever paid for.  It was worth every penny!  - Chris P

Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets

All the details about why and how each speed secret works.

Why do I want this book?

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build the ultimate car.
  • Every aspect from design to fine tuning tested for best performance.
  • Explains the science behind fast Pinewood Derby cars in everyday terms.
  • Easy to follow axle and wheel modifications that make a BIG difference including advanced axle techniques.
  • Optimum weight placement proven once and for all.
  • Details on axle alignment and why it is so critical.
  • The important step of final testing and tune-up.
  • What to bring and do on race day.

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This is what our customers have to say:

On Saturday, February 21st, my six-year old had his first derby pinewood race. He is a Tiger Cub. Just wanted you to know that Jeffrey finished first in his den. Your books were very helpful. We really look forward to next year's races. Thank you for your help.

I have to personally thank you for such an easy book to follow.  I was determined to have a car to enter this year.  Last year I was just too intimidated to even try.  So in researching on the internet I found your book and downloaded it.     What an easy book to follow!  The checklist at the end was a huge help.  I just wanted a car to race so my son could be in it.  Not only was he in it, but our car beat out 24 others and came in 1st place in the pack!     Without your book, we could not have done it.  I know nothing about woodwork, but your book made it simple to understand.    Thanks again!  Now onto the district race!!     Heather G    Memphis, TN

We ordered (downloaded) the Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets from you a couple of weeks ago, and I agree with the comment you have posted about it. This book is worth 100 times the value you sell it for, you can't put a price on watching your son and husband work so hard, and take home a first place trophy because of the extra steps we took using the tips in the book. Thank you!  - Jennifer D

This was his second year, and last year his car barley made it to the finish line. We asked him this year if he wanted to build a cool looking car or a fast car, and he said he wanted a fast one and he wanted to win. We really didn't know where to start, but got everything we needed from your site!  We went from beginner to winner because of ABC! we can't wait until next year!  - Mary C

First Place Pinewood Derby Trophy

Robert won first place in the Parent division by using our Machined Grooved Axles, Krytox Lubricant, Inertia Lite Wheels and Tungsten Weights

By using the techniques outlined in your Speed Secrets book, and with some help from your supplies, my son Brendan won his pack championship yesterday - Chris M
I wanted to thank you for your prompt service, great products and winning tips. My son Joshua, a first grader and a first time racer, placed second last night in his Cub Scout Pack's pinewood derby race. He was so proud when his name was called and he received his trophy - Claire S