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Sep 23 2023
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Plans for building a Pinewood Derby car stand. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


How to Build a Pinewood Derby Car Stand

Pinewood Derby Stand Top - 1x2
Post - 1x1
Base - 1x3

I have used this plan for construction of pinewood derby car stands for the last two years with positive results.

Here is the way that I make the stands:

1. Rip a 1x3 down to a 1x2 and a 1x1 for the top and post.
2. Shave a blade width off of the resulting 1x2 on the table saw for the lip on the top.
3. Cut the 1x2 into 2" sections.
4. Cut the 1x1 into 4" sections.
5. Cut the 4" sections into 2 sections using a 45 degree miter.
6. Shave a 45 degree face off of the 1x3 on the table saw or router for the name plate.
7. Cut the 1x3 into 3" sections.
8. Drill the Top at a 45 degree angle for a screw into the post.
9. Drill the top and bottom of the post for a screw.
10. Drill the bottom for a screw into the post

Each stand requires 5" of 1x3 so an 8' long 1x3 should make 18 stands. Depending on the type of wood used this can be a very inexpensive stand even if you get brass plates for the base.

Additionally, we make finishing the stand a woodworking project for the scouts. They have to sand the pieces, put the stand together with two screws and varnish it (this usually takes one den meeting and can be counted toward advancement).

Finished Stand

Hope this helps!

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