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Dec 7 2023
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Add racing stripes to your Pinewood Derby Car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car



Tip #23

Wheel vibration will slow your pinewood derby car down. Make sure that the outside of your wheel (the part that touches the track) is as smooth as possible and that your wheel is as round as possible.

Racing Stripes for Pinewood Derby Cars

Make your pinewood derby car look fast even when it is standing still!

Racing Stripes for Pinewood Derby Cars

Each package includes two 7" sheets of stripes.
Each sheet has 8 stripes varying in width from 1/32" to 3/8".

Easy to use. Just peel off of the backing paper and press on your car.

Can be used for more than racing stripes. Create your own designs and patterns.
See a few examples below.

Available in 3 colors

Racing Stripes








Gloss Clear Paint

Gloss Clear

We recommend that you give your car a final coat of Gloss Clear to protect your stripes and give your car and extra glossy finish.
To place your order:
1. Enter the quantity you would like to order next to each of the above items.
2. Click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Examples of Pinewood Derby cars with our Racing Stripes

Silver Racing Stripe
Black Racing Stripe
Red Racing Stripe

Orange Racing Stripe

Customer Photos

Pinewood Derby Car with racing stripes

My son Carson won first place in his pinewood derby.  Thanks to your amazing and helpful site, the car not only ran like a winner with your wheels and axles, but also looked like a winner with your awesome stripes.  Thanks again and already looking forward to next year.  David M

I have purchased Pinewood derby products from you for the last three years, with great results - 3 1st places at the Pack level. This year we are going to compete at the district level for the 1st time....Tim P.
My 7 year old grandson used the "stuff” you sent us to build the car on his own. He did the sanding, painting and applied the racing stripes. He polished the axles (after I locked them in the drill press) and added the graphite and adjusted the weights with the ones you provided. This is the first time he participated in the event .. Won a second place and is on his way to the district event. Thanks for the help....Joe G.