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May 18 2024
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Assemble your Pinewood Derby Car Paint and Display Stand. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car







Tip #74

Small Nails can be used to add weight to cars that are slightly under the 5 oz limit. Use brad nails or finishing nails with the small heads. Pound the nails into the back of the car to lessen the chance of splitting. You can also pound the nails into the side or bottom of the car but it is best to drill a pilot hole first to prevent splitting. If you are inserting the nails into the back of the car make sure that the nail is flush with the block so that you don’t make the car longer.

How to Assemble and Use Our Paint/Display Stand

Pinewood Derby Car Display Stand

Pinewood Derby Car Paint/Display Stand Assembly Instructions

This stand can be used to help you paint your car and as a Display Stand.

paint stand parts
The car stand has five pieces


Assembly Instructions

Insert tab into base

1. Insert the small tab of the bracket into the base

Attach bracked to platform

2. Insert the large tab of the bracket into the bottom of the platform (The top of the platform has two slotted tabs on the front).

Glue should not be needed but you can use a small amount of super glue on the tabs for a more secure fit. 

Use as a Paint Stand

Add the insert

1. Place the small plastic insert into the slot in the top of the platform.

Place pinewood derby car on platform

2. Place your pinewood derby car on the platform so that the front axle slot fits into the plastic insert.

Paint your pinewood derby car

Hold the base while painting the car.  You may find it easier if you remove the bracket from the base first.

Use as a Display Stand

wheel placement in display stand


Finished display stand

Place the car on the platform so that the front wheels fit in the slots of the tabs on the platform. The small plastic insert is not needed when used as a display stand. If you used this stand to paint your car, remove the plastic insert first.

Customize your Pinewood Derby Display Stand

You can paint your display stand a variety of colors and add decals as shown in the below examples. 
This would be a great group project.
black stand
gray stand
red stand
yellow stand
yellow/black stand
silver stand
black/silver stand
blue/yellow stand
Car Display/Paint Stand


Our Display Stand Used As Trophies

Display stand used as trophy
Display stand with cars
Brad used our display stands as first, second, and third place trophies by painting them with gold, silver and black metallic paint and printed his own labels.


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