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Turn your Pinewood car into a lightning bolt to match its speed. It's as easy as ABC!

Example of pinewood car

Thunder Strikes Pinewood
                Derby Car DecalsThunder Strikes Pinewood Derby Car Decals

This decal is no longer available.
You can find our current decals here.

Thunder Strikes Decals

Thunder Strikes Decals
A variety of lightning patterns. Looks best on medium to dark painted cars.

Pinewood Derby Car

Pinewood Derby Car

Sample of our Thunder Strikes decals on a pinewood derby car


Create your own thunder storm by adding this decal to your car. Here are some examples.

Combine the ends together to create a continuous bolt. There are many different possible ways to combine the thunder bolts together and many different sizes to accommodate the shape of your Pinewood Car.

Connect several decals together to create a static electricity effect. You can radiate many thunder bolts out from a single center point or create several individual thunder bolt clusters.
Pinewood Derby Car Decal

The thunder bolts are perfect to use with the skull from our Creepy Decal. There are many ways to combine the thunder bolts with the skull!

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Add to the web from the Spider Decal. One option would be to apply the Spider herself where she is just touching the web, and adding thunder bolts around her body as well. Instant fried spider!

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