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Jun 19 2024
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Fine tune your car with this Pinewood Derby track. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #26

Improper wheel alignment is one of the most common reasons that your pinewood derby car is running slow. If your car drifts to the side, the wheels will rub against the center guide rail and slow your car. To minimize this, make sure that your axles are aligned so that your car will run as straight as possible.

Tip #66

Taper the bottom of your car up slightly at the front to prevent the chance that it will rub against the track when the car reaches the bottom of the track slope.

Tip #77

Build two (or more) cars and take the fastest car to the race. Our Practice Track can be used to compare the speed between two cars.

Test Your Pinewood Derby Car Before Race Day

Pinewood Derby Track

Use boxes or our track stand to support your Pinewood Derby track.

This one lane track meets official BSA track dimensions and is available in 2 foot sections. Purchase multiple sections to make any length track and multiple lanes.
Made of high grade plastic.

This track can be used to test your pinewood derby or Awana car before the race or it can be used to hold your own races for parties and other events. Create multiple lanes by placing the track sections next to each other.

With this track you can check these important car characteristics:

  • Track clearance
  • Weight placement
  • Straight rolling
  • Stability
  • Wheel alignment
  • Smooth rolling
  • Experiment with axles and wheels
  • Compare cars to find the fastest
  • Break your axles and wheels in by running your car down the track several times.

Assembly Instructions

Practice Track for the Pinewood Derby

Combine 10 track sections for a 20ft track

Hold your own races by combining track sections to make multiple lanes.


Most official Pinewood Derby tracks used in races are between 32' and 45' long. You can use 16 to 22 track sections (and a large room) to re-create a one lane official track.

Hold your own races!

A great party idea is to run your own races with your own rules. Even the adults can compete with unlimited races.

Practice Track

Each section is two feet long.
Combine sections to make longer tracks and multiple lanes.

Pinewood Derby Practice Track

Extra Track Connectors

Each section of track includes two connectors. You can make the track stiffer by using more connectors.
Extra track connectors (4 per set)

Track Stands

Sturdy, durable and assembles in a few minutes.
Assembly Instructions
Track Stand for pinewood derby cars

For up to two lanes
Track not included

Track Stand for 28 to 40 foot tracks is OUT OF STOCK
for 16 to 26 foot tracks - 34" car starting height

Track stand for short pinewood derby tracks

For one lane
Track not included

for 10 to 14 foot tracks - 15" car starting height

Track Clips

For making 2 or more lanes

Hold track lanes together with Track Clips

Track Clips securly hold two or more track lanes together to create multiple lanes.  Each set includes four Track Clips - enough to connect two lanes together for four feet of track length.
Assembly Instructions

Sets of 4 Track Clips

Track Brake

Pinewood Derby Track Break

Slides in the practice track center guide rail to safely stop your car.
The brake will slide several inches while stopping your car so one track section after the finish line is recommended.

One brake needed for each lane.
No assembly required.

Track Breaks
Designed to be used with our Practice Track
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Pinewood Derby Track

Thanks for getting the order out quickly. I thought I'd follow up by letting you know my son won his pinewood derby race in both den and pack. We used a multi-car approach going with the fastest and using your practice track to test the cars. He was consistently getting a speed under 2.6 - the only one doing so. Thanks again.....Robert H
Thank you. The track is just what we wanted and it worked well. Thank you for getting it to us quickly!.....Anita T
By the way, first place finish in the den, and pack!!!.....Bradley B