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Oct 20 2017
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Our favorite Pinewood Derby Resources 

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Pinewood Derby Resources

Car Accessories

Derby Worx - Specialty Pinewood Derby tools and wheels.

PinewoodLights - Lights for Pinewood Derby Cars - Add real working headlights and tail lights to your Pinewood Derby Car.

Pinewood Pro - Car Blocks, polished axles and speed wheels.

WinDerby - Pinewood Derby speed supplies.

Top Dog Derby LLC - Pinewood Derby accessories with a custom racers edge.  Pre-cut cars, wheels and axles.


Race Supplies

Grand Prix Tracker - Pinewood Derby full management software, hardware and track tower. USB driven.

The Judge - Supplier of electronic finish lines, solenoid powered start lines, and light trees

Best Track - Aluminum Pinewood Derby Tracks.

Intelligent Automation's Timestopper timers - Intelligent Automation has manufactured Timestopper timers since their invention in 1982.

SmartLine Finish Line Timer - Finish Line Timer for Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and Space Derby. Incluces exclusive photo finish picture capture equipment.

SuperTimer - a Pinewood timer that Talks! With RaceManager option and SuperTrack, a complete Pinewood track that assembles without tools!

Cub Scout Organizations

Scatacook District - a resource for 1,000 adult volunteers serving 70+ scout units in northern Fairfield County, Connecticut


Rocket Race Cars - They host race car parties in the Montreal area. Kids paint and decorate the cars then race them for prizes.

Boy Scout Trail - Activities, awards, badges, ceremonies, games, projects, recipes, skits, songs, and stories for Tigers through Eagles.

Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets Video - Pinewood Derby Science. Use Scientific methods of physics to make your car incredibly fast. Available on DVD or VHS video.

Troopmaster Software - Software for adult leaders of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Used by over 35,000 packs and troops!

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