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Jun 19 2024
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pinewood derby

Very fun Pinewood Derby board game for kids and adults. 

Example of pinewood car



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Save the clear molded plastic that is part of the packaging for small products. They are a variety of shapes and can be used for cockpits, cowling and so on.

Pinewood Racer Board Game

Pinewood Racer Board Game

Pinewood Racer Board Game

This game of skill mimics the thrill of a real Pinewood Derby race.
Includes board, cards and player pieces.

2 to 4 players
Age 6 to adult

Includes two tracks: Pinewood Derby track for short games and oval track for longer games.

Game Instructions

Pinewood Racer Board Game

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This is the first game that my kids bring out when their friends come over. They love it...Patty M.