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May 18 2024
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Pinewood designs that make it easy to build a good looking pinewood derby car. 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #5

Taper the front of your Pinewood Derby car up slightly. This will prevent the front of the car from scraping the track when the car moves from the ramp to the horizontal section of the track.

Tip #29

Your pinewood derby car block should be as square as possible before you begin cutting it. Place each surface of the block on a flat surface and try to rock the block by pushing down on a corner. If it rocks, the block is not square should be discarded.

Tip #61

When sanding your car block, sand in the same direction of the wood grain for a smoother finish.

Pinewood Designs

The designs on this page will make cutting your pinewood derby car much easier. If your don't have time to cut your own car, we have a wide variety of pre-cut cars that are all BSA legal.

All of our Pinewood Derby car designs include complete easy instructions for building your car including templates and the paint schemes shown here.

Each design is available as an instant download so you can start building your car right away! What is an instant download? Immediately after you purchase the design, you will be given very easy instructions to transfer the design from our web site to your computer in either Word or PDF format. From there, you can print the design and start building your car.

Only $4.95 each


These cars were designed so that only straight cuts are used. This means that you can use any wood saw - these Pinewood cars are easy to make!

Hornet Pinewood Derby Car Front View
Hornet Car Side View Hornet Car Rear View
Police Car Pinewoo Derby Car Design
Police Car Side View Police Car Rear View
Spider Pinewood Derby Car Design
Spider Car Side View Spider Car Rear View
Magnum Pinewood Derby Car Design
Python Side View Python Rear View



These cars require more cuts than the above pinewood derby designs. Some of the cuts have sharp corners so a coping saw or band saw is suggested.   A wood rasp is recommended to help shape these cars (available from our product page)

Magnum Pinewood Derby Car Design
Magnum Side ViewMagnum Rear View
Starfighter Pinewood Derby Car Design
Starfighter Side ViewStarfighter Rear View
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Customer Photos

Winner using our pinewood design




I ordered the starfighter pinewood design from you for my son, Ethan's 2011 pinewood derby. I would like to say thank you very much for such a fast design. We not only won the pack race but won the entire district and then went to win the grand prix.

This is a great design and myself and son had great fun building the car.
Regards, Joe Burchell

Starfighter Pinewood Derby Car Design
I wanted send my thanks for your pinewood designs.  My son Brandon won fastest overall in his
pack and best workmanship for a modified Starfighter....Thanks, Tom
Derby Car
James Szpekman with the police derby car that he built
John's modified Magnum finished 2nd in division and won Best Pinewood Design of Show
This Spider car uses unique weighting. The spare tire adds an extra flair to the design. 
Submitted by Bobbie Trujillo
pinewood derby designs for girls
Hi! I wanted to write you and thank you for the great pinewood derby designs.  I downloaded the Spider Plans for my daughter's first Pinewood Derby.  She is involved with a group at church called the Missionettes (similar to the Girl Scouts).  She is six years old and we had so much fun building, painting, and racing this derby car!  She placed 3rd overall in the girls competition and 6th overall in girls and boys competition.  She was thrilled!!  She won 2 trophies and 3 ribbons!   Again, thank you for the great plans and God Bless you!!    Bryan & Taylor
We loved the design.  It won an award in our pack this year for best pinewood derby designs....Thanks,   Steve Painter
I just wanted to tell you what a great and simple pinewood derby plan the police car is. We downloaded the plan Tuesday night and finished the car last night.  Just in time for tonight's race.  Wish us luck.  Attached is a picture of the final product (which we are very proud of). Thanks, Gerard Casey Jr.
Thanks for the plans and axles. 1st Place Weeblos II Division and 1st Place Overall Pack 648!   We went from worst to first in only one year. Your derby car designs were a great help. We slightly modified the Magnum Plans. It didn't lose a single run!
...CJ Pickering and Dad
Hornet Pinewood Car Design
Your pinewood designs were fantastic and simple for a first timer like me. Built by Larry R. and his son Ryan, a tiger in the Cub Scouts.

Pinewood Designs

Although I have made several pinewood cars in the past, I had never used a design/template. Togehter, my son and I searched for the right 'look', ordered one of your derby car designs, downloaded, printed and cut it out all within an hour or so! Now as for the sanding, that's another story!!! Thanks again, your web site and service was great!
Doug S.
Our police car was awesome last year. It was fun, easy and the instructions were great.
Tammy T.

Wanted to say thank you for the plans and tips.  My son finished 2nd in his division, but more importantly, won the Best Design of Show for his modified Magnum derby car.  Your plans were easy to use and the tips were outstanding for us first time racers. Looking forward to next year. -- John D.
The booklet was a big help. My son got "best in Den" for the Pinewood Derby 2009
Thank you so much for the wonderful design! Nathan came in first place for speed in his pinewood cars age group and is now headed to districts.  You made it so easy!

Thanks again!
Thank you!  Your well organized and clear instructions are much appreciated. - Grace S
Thank you very much. My boys loved the designs for their pinewood derby cars. We even modified the design to make the cars slightly different...Steve C