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Jun 19 2024
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Our Pinewood Derby Decals are easy to use and make your car stand out from the crowd. 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #37

If you will be racing on a rough or uneven track, place the weights low on the car. Also, place the weights so that the car balances about 2 inches in front of the rear axle. If you have a smooth track, the car should balance 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch in front of the rear axle.

Tip #41

If you have the time, Make several cars and enter the fastest.

Tip #52

If a chip breaks off of your Pinewood Derby car during construction, it can usually be glued back. Then use masking tape or a rubber band to hold the chip in place until the glue dries. If it is a small chip use wood putty to make the repair.

Pinewood Derby Car Decals

Choose from these exciting decal sheets and make your
derby pinewood car stand out from the crowd.

Buy more than one sheet to mix and match to create a truly unique
Pinewood Derby car design.

Instructions for using our decals

All decals on this page only $5.95 each

Stick-On Decals
Very easy to apply. Peel off of the sheet and stick onto your car.

Yellow Flames Decal

Yellow Flames Decal for pinewood derby cars


Example of the Yellow Flames decal on our
Dragster pre-cut car block

Details on the Yellow Flames Decal

Yellow Flames decals

Blue Flames Decal

Blue Flames Decal

Example of the Blue Flames decals on our Convertible pre-cut block


Details on the Blue Flames Decal


Comet Decal

Comet Decal
Comet Car Decal

Example of the Comet decal on our
Funnycar pre-cut car block

Details on the Comet Decal

Comet decals


Emergency Decal


Example of the Emergency decal on our
Stock Car pre-cut block

Details on the Police / Emergency Decal

Police/Emergency decals

Military Decal

Military Decal

Example of the Military decal on our
Jet pre-cut block with military gray paint

Details on the Military Decal

Military decals

Pirate Decal

Pirate Decal for pinewood derby cars

Example of Pirate Decal on our Roadster pre-cut car.

Details on the Pirate Decal

Pirate decals


NASCAR Decal for pinewood derby cars
NASCAR Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Example of the NASCAR decal on our
Stock Car pre-cut car block

Details on the NASCAR Decal

NASCAR decals

For Girls Only Decal

Girl Decal for pinewood derby cars
Girls Pinewood Derby Decal

Example of the Girls decal

Details on the Girl's Decal

Girls decals

Number Decal

Number Decals
Example of number decal on pinewood derby car


Each decal includes two sets of numbers - White with black background and black with clear background.

Details on the Number Decal
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Customer Photos

Comet Pinewood Derby Car with NASCAR decals

Jacob combined our Comet pre-cut car with the NASCAR decals and he took 2nd in his pinewood derby race.


Police Pinewood Derby Car

Hey Just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve first place in our derby pinewood race and in show, I have been racing pinewood cars for years but never beat any other cars like I did this year. As you can see in my picture of my Police car, in which the stickers are from ABC, our cars are different then BSA, we use screws instead of nails and different wheels and so aftermarket parts are nearly impossible to find so I have to use what I was issued, I bought the axle file, sand paper polish kit, and axle special secret polish kit. I have been racing for years with lots of 1st place wins, I am 28 and us men at church do this for fun and again I have never done so much butt kickin in all my life, so thank you for all the useful tools and hints...Stephen O.


Will Neal (age 8), used our military decals on his very unique car.
He came in 3rd place in his den and went on to districts


Pirate Decals

Clarke Kingsley used the Pirate decals on his car.
He came third in his den and got to the grand final.

James Koebbe combined our decals, body skins and wheel decals for a unique look.
The red and white car took 2nd overall (40 pinewood cars)

Military decals

Alvina's 6 year old son used our military decals and his own custom paint job on our
turbo GT pre-cut car to create a very nice looking Pinewood Derby car.


Car Derby Pinewood

Just wanted to let you know that we had our derby pinewood car race at our church and my 2-grandsons won most unique car and nice trophies.   Thanks to your supplies our cars looked great.
Thanks, Cynthia
Thank you so much.  You products came very timely and my son was so excited to open the package.  Thanks again.
...Tina C.
Cut the car to a basic NASCAR shape then added several of these decals to the finished car. Got third for best design! These are authentic looking and gave the car a fantasic look!
Jim Z.
These stickers really made a difference in getting our car to look the way that my son wanted. Also, they have stuck well to the paint.
...Tom N.
This was my son's last year for the pinewood derby so we wanted to do something special. These decals added just the right touch. We ended up taking 1st for show! My son was thrilled!!
...Carry A.