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Sep 23 2023
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Polish the axles on your Pinewood Derby car to make it fast. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Tip #31

Many axles that come in the pinewood derby kit have a slight bend. A bent axle will slow your car. To check your axles, spin the axles in a drill. If they wobble, they aren't straight and should be replaced.

Tip #36

Use a small file to remove the burrs on the axle shaft and head. Use only moderate pressure. The axle metal is soft and it is easy to file too deep.

Tip #39

Do not use a low grit (below 400) sandpaper on your axles. It will scratch the axle shaft. Use a small file to remove the crimp marks and file only where needed.

Pinewood Derby Car Axle Polish

Introducing our exclusive

Secret Formula Axle Polish

for Pinewood Derby Cars

Axle Polish for Pinewood Derby Cars

This special formula polishing paste takes polish technology to a
whole new level. The result is superior
to any other polish available.

        See for yourself. These close-up photos of an axle show the axle before and after polishing.


Finished Axle

Our polish is an easy to use paste and takes only a few minutes to apply.
Axle Polish Instructions

This polish will not remove burrs, crimp marks or axle defects.
Use our Axle Polishing Kit to fully prepare your axles

Each kit has enough polish for several sets of axles.

Store in your refrigerator between uses to prevent the polish from drying out.

Recommended for use on our Speed Axles and other axles with a smooth surface

Secret Formula Axle Polish

Before using our polish, prepare your axles with our
file and sandpaper
More On Our Axle Sandpaper

Axle File

Axle File

This needle file is just the right shape to remove the burr and crimp marks on axles.
needle files
Axle Sandpaper

Axle Sandpaper


Four pre-cut strips
Instructions included

sandpaper Kits

Four 4 1/2" strips of sandpaper pre-cut to the proper width for polishing axles.

Includes 2 strips of #400 and 2 strips of the hard-to-find #1200 paper.

Enough to prepare 2 sets of axles.

To place your order:
1. Enter the quantity you would like to order next to each of the above items.
2. Click the "Add to Cart" button below.

First place pinewood derby winner

Tyler got 1st place overall using our axles and weights.

We did in fact win our pack championship. My son couldn't be prouder of his trophies. Thanks again for everything.....Ronnie P
We've used your axle polish combo for the last 5 yrs. We came in 7th at the Council race using your polish on stock axles. Nobody could believe we used stock axles. We set District records three yrs in a row on stock axles with your polish. Thanks... Dave T