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Add weights to your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #14

When your pine car is completed, it should balance 1" to 1 1/2" in front of the rear axle. Position the weights to adjust the car's balance. To check the balance, place a pencil across the car and move it forward and back until the car balances on it.

Tip #24

Use Wood putty to seal the weights in a car. If you are in a hurry, use wax from a candle. It is just as strong and sets faster.

Tip #33

Try to place all of your weights in a single area on the car. This will lower the car's turning inertia.

Tip #47

If you mount weights on the bottom of the car, make sure that your car still has at least 3/8" clearance between the lowest part of the weight and the track. Our Bottom Weights are only 1/16" thick so they can be added to your car without interfering with the clearance.

Tip #56

If you use lead weights, always insert them in the car and seal with wood putty to avoid exposure by anyone handling the car. Use gloves when handling the lead weights and wash your hands when you are done.

Pinewood Derby Car Weights

The more your pine car weighs, the faster it will go on a downhill ramp. Most rules specify a 5 oz. maximum weight. Most Pinewood Derby cars weigh between 1.5 oz and 3.5 oz (depending on design) without weights so a car may need 3.5 oz or more of additional weight.

About Our Weights

Our weights are available in a variety of shapes and three different metals - Lead, Steel, and Tungsten. Each metal has its advantages and disadvantages. The following table will help you to decide which metal you would like to use.

One main difference between the three metals is their density. The more dense the metal, the more it will weigh. The picture to the right shows the the three metals and the amount need of each for the same weight. As you can see, it takes a lot less tungsten then steel for the same weight.

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of each metal:

pine car weights
  • Soft - easy to bend and cut.
  • Low cost
  • Medium density
  • Should not be handled by children. If you use lead, insert it inside the car block and seal with wood putty.
  • Only available in one form - 1/4" cylinders.
  • Low cost
  • Can be cut
  • Low density
  • Can rust
  • High density
  • Ideal for concentrating weight in a small area.
  • High cost.
  • Very hard - Cannot be cut or shaped.

Cylinder Weights

Cylinders are typically inserted in your car by drilling one or more holes in the back, bottom or side of the car then the holes are sealed with wood putty.
Barrel Weights

Lead Wire Weights

These 1/4" diameter lead weights can be easily cut to any length with wire cutters, diagonal pliers or other cutting tools. Drill one or more 9/32 " holes in the back, bottom or side of your pine car, insert the weights in the holes then glue them into place or cover with wood putty.

The package comes with 3 sections for a total of 3 oz.

These are lead weights and
should not be handled by children.

How To Add Wire Weights To Your Car

3 oz. wire weights
Steel Cylinders

Fine Tune Steel Cylinders

These Steel Cylinders are ideal for use with cars that need one ounce or less of additional weight. They can also be used in combination with other weights to bring the weight of your Pinewood Derby car to the 5 oz limit. Each cylinder weighs 1/10 oz and is 1/2" long. 1/4" diameter. The package comes with ten cylinders for a total of 1 oz.

The best way to install these weights is to drill several 9/32" holes in the back or bottom of your car, insert the weights in the holes then cover with wood putty.

How To Add Steel Cylinders To Your Car

1 oz. Steel Cylinders

9/32" drill bit for use with Lead Wire Weights and 1/4" Steel Cylinders

Drill Bits
3/8" Steel Cylinders

3/8" Steel Cylinders

3/8" diameter by one inch long. Each of these steel cylinders weighs 1/2 oz. Sold in sets of two for a total of 1 oz.. To install, drill 3/8" holes in the back, bottom or side of your car and seal with wood putty.

set of 2
3/8" Zinc Cylinders

3/8" Zinc Cylinders

3/8" diameter by 2 3/4 inch long. Each of these Zinc Cylinders weighs 1 oz. Sold in sets of three for a total of 3 oz.. Can be cut with a hacksaw to modify the weight. To install, drill 3/8" holes in the back, bottom or side of your car and seal with wood putty.

set of 3

3/8" drill bit for use with 3/8" Steel and Zinc Cylinders

Drill Bits
Tungsten Cylinder
A 7/16" drill bit should be used to drill holes for these cylinders

Tungsten Cylinders

3/8" diameter cylinders
Four sizes to choose from.

$3.45   1/2 oz Cylinders (1/2" long)
$1.95   1/4 oz Cylinders (1/4" long)
$1.45   1/8 oz Cylinders (1/8" long)
    $.95   1/16 oz Cylinders (1/16" long)
Tungsten Rods

Tungsten Rods

9/32" diameter rods
Each rod is .33 oz and is 9/16" long
Great for tight areas where the Tungsten Cylinders don't fit

The package comes with 3 rods for a total of 1 oz.

How to install our Tungsten Rods

1/2 oz - OUT OF STOCK

5/16" drill bit for use with Tungsten Rods

Drill Bits
Tungsten Bar

Tungsten Bar

1/4” thick x 1/2” wide x 1 1/2” long
Each bar weighs 2.2 oz
Ideal for mounting behind the rear axle

How to install our Tungsten Bar

EZ Cut Weight

EZ Cut Tungsten Cylinders

Same density as lead
Can be cut with a sharp knife

Two 3/8" diameter cylinders
1.6" length - 1 oz each
How to use our EZ Cut Cylinders

Set of two EZ Cut Cylinders
Fine Tune Cylinder

Fine Tune Cylinder

This economical composit steel cylinder can be cut with a knife or scissors to any length and fits in the same holes as the above steel and tungsten cylinders.  Ideal for fine tuning your car's weight.

3/8" diameter -  2 1/4" long  -  0.8 oz.

Fine Tune Cylinder
3/8" Drill Bit

3/8" Spade Bit

To drill holes for Steel and Tungsten Cylinder Weights
Fits any 1/4" or larger drill

Drill Bits
Center of Gravity Weight

Adjustable Tungsten Weights

Four 3/8" diameter cylinders
Each weight is 3/4" long
1/2 oz each

3/8" drill bit required
How to use our Adjustable Tungsten Weights


3/8" drill bit for use with Adjustable Weights

3/8 inch drill bit
Drill Bits

Flat Weights

Use supper glue to attach our Flat Weights to the top, side or bottom of your car. If attached to the bottom, they should be recessed into the wood to provide enough track clearance.
Stick-on Weights

Zinc Stick-On Weights

These 18 individual weights work great for fine tuning the weight of your Pinewood Derby car. They have an adhesive backing so it is very easy to attach them to your car.

10: 3/4 "X 1/2" X 1/8" .13 oz weights
8: 3/8" X 1/2" X 1/8" .06 oz weights
1.78 oz. total weight

Zinc is more dense than steel but not as dense as lead and tungsten.
Stick-On Weight sets
Tungsten Plate

Tungsten Plate

Each plate is .5 oz . Dimension: 1.43" X .56" X .068"

Designed to be mounted on the bottom of your pinewood car but can be mounted on any flat surface. Most cars have room for up to 12 plates.

$3.45 for each .5 oz plate
(mounting screw included)

Bottom Weight

Bottom Weights

This steel weight is designed to be attached to the bottom of your car.  It is less than 1/16" thick so won't interfere with the 3/8" minimum clearance specified in most rules. The weight can be adjusted in .02 oz increments by breaking off segments with pliers.

More Information on Pinewood Derby Bottom Weights

1 oz. Bottom Weight sets
Fine Tune Flat Weight

Fine Tune Flat Weight

This flexible weight can be cut to any shape with a scissors or other cutting tool. Ideal for fine tuning your car's weight. Heavy-duty adhesive backing makes it easy to attach to your car.

1 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/8"
1.6 oz.

How to use the Fine Tune Flat Weight


Tungsten Cubes

These small tungsten cubes are ideal for fine tuning your car's weight and they fit in tight spaces. Glue them into a slot under your car or pack them into a drilled hole.
Tungsten Cubes

Six .17 oz cubes

Dimension: 1/4" X 1/4" X 1/4"
Total weight = 1 oz
1/4" Cubes

Seven .07 oz cubes

Dimension: 3/16" X 3/16" X 3/16"
Total weight = .5 oz
3/16" Cubes

Tungsten Disc

Ideal for "light" cars where you want the weight added to one area.

Easy to use. Super glue to the top of the car or drill a 1 1/8" hole and glue it into the hole.

Tungsten Disc
Dimension: 1 1/8" diameter X 1/4" high
Weight = 3 oz

How to add a tungsten disc to your car

Drill bit for Tungsten Disc

1 1/8" Forstner Bit

For drilling holes for our Tungsten Disc
Fits any 3/8" or larger drill.

Also works great for drilling out the bottom of your car if you need to remove weight.

Forstner Bits
Tungsten Disc

Slotted Tungsten Disc

Dimension: 1" diameter X 7/16" high
  Weight = 3 oz
Slotted Tungsten Disc
Three Sizes Available:
3.70 oz - 3/8" high
3.20 oz - 3/8" high
2.75 oz - 5/16" high
(height is depth of hole that should be drilled)

Domed Slotted Tungsten Disc

Dimension: 1" diameter

Also available with two tungsten cubes. The cubes can be placed in the slot to add up to 1/3 oz.

3.70 oz.                   
with 2 tungsten cubes
3.20 oz OUT OF STOCK
2.75 oz.                   
with 2 tungsten cubes
Drill bit for Tungsten Disc

1" Forstner Bit

For drilling holes for our Slotted Tungsten Discs
Fits any 3/8" or larger drill.
Forstner Bits

Tungsten Dome Canopy

This smooth tungsten canopy has a stud for mounting to your car. Drill a 1/4" deep hole on a flat surface of your car then super glue the weight to your car..

Example of a Tungsten Dome Canopy

Two sizes

2.5 oz: 1 1/2" long X 1" wide X 1/4" tall, 3/8" stud
3.5 oz: 1 3/4" long X 1 1/4" wide X 1/4" tall, 1/2" stud
Stud is 1/4" long on both sizes
How to add a Dome Canopy to your pinewood derby car

Silver Tungsten Dome Weight
2.5 oz Silver
3.5 oz Silver
Gold Tungsten Dome Weight
2.5 oz Gold
3.5 oz Gold
Black Tungsten Dome Weight
2.5 oz Black
3.5 oz Black

Tungsten Triangle Canopy

This tungsten triangle canopy has a 1/2" stud for mounting to your car. Drill a 1/4" deep 1/2" hole then super glue to a flat surface on your car.
Example of a Tungsten Triangle  Canopy

1 3/4" long X 1 1/8" wide X 1/4" tall
Requires 1/2" hole 1/4" deep

2.5 oz. total weight
Silver Triangle Weight
Gold Triangle Weight
Black Triangle Weight

Tungsten Skull

This tungsten skull has a 3/8" stud for mounting to your car. Drill a 1/4" deep 3/8" hole then super glue to a flat surface on your car.
Gold Tungsten Skull Weight Example
Silver Skull Tungsten Weight Example
Tungsten Skull side view
This tungsten skull has a 3/8" stud for mounting to your car.
Drill a 1/4" deep 3/8" hole then super glue to a flat surface on your car.
1 3/8" long X 7/8" wide X 1/2" tall
Requires 3/8" hole

2.9 oz. total weight

Silver Skull weight
Red Eye Silver Skull
$22.95 Red Eyes
Blue Eye Silver Skull
Gold Eye Silver Skull

Aerodynamic Zinc Weight

Exampls of Aerodynamic Weight mounted on car.
Ideal for low-profile pinewood derby cars with a flat or wedge body design. It is sleek and tapered for minimal wind drag.
Aerodynamic Weight
Includes four mounting screws
1 1/2" W X 3 1/4" L
2.2 oz. total weight
Aerodynamic Weight

Tungsten Putty

This putty is great for fine-tuning the weight of your pine car.  It can be easily molded into almost any shape. Pinch off a piece and press the putty into a hole in the car.
Tungsten Putty
1 oz total weight.

Tungsten Putty


Weight Guide

Weight Guide

Drill evenly spaced 3/8" holes in your car block.

3/8" drill bit not included

Can be used to drill holes for our Tungsten Cylinders, Steel Cylinders, Adjustable Tungsten Weights and EZ Cut Tungsten Cylinders or any other 3/8" diameter weight.

How to Use the Weight Guide

Super Glue

Super Glue

We recommend our Super Glue for
attaching weights to your car.

Wood Putty for Pinewood Derby Cars

Wood Putty

Ideal for filling in and finishing weight holes.

Digital Scale

The more that your pinewood derby car weighs, the faster that it will go. It is important that your car weighs exactly 5 oz. A fraction of an ounce might be all that it takes to keep your car out of the winner's circle.
Digital Scale for Pinewood Derby Cars

Digital Scale

Accurate to .01 oz
Backlit display

Digital Scale

Calibration Weight

Calibration Weight

300 gram weight used to re-calibrate the digital scale sold on this page.

Calibration Weights
5 oz reference weight

5 oz Reference Weight

This 5 oz. weight is accurate to .0002 oz.
It can be used to check the accuracy of your scale or to weigh your car if you are using a balance scale.

5 oz Weights
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2. Click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Pinewood Derby Weights Video

This video gives tips on adding weights to your pinewood derby car.

Customer Photos

Pinewood Derby Trophy
Pinewood Derby Winners

Last week I ordered your 3.5 oz tungsten weight, 1 oz of tungsten cubes and graphite lube. My sons car took first place overall in his pack this weekend with time of 2.2960. We are off to the districts now! I Wanted to say thank you for getting the weight to me quickly and all your pro tips on the website! Thought I would send some pics of the pinewood derby car and trophy. Thank you!........ Proud Dad

Pinewood Derby Winners

Brandon won first place in his pinewood derby race with the help of his dad and our polished axles and tungsten weights.
Unlimited Pinewood Derby Car

Evan's dad Kip blew all the cars away in the unlimited division using our Tungsten Canopy and Razor RSX Wheels
Pinewood Derby car using aerodynamic weight

1st place overall in pack and first in the dad group. I've used your products for the past three years and went all out as this was our last year.... Chad P.  Chad built his winning car with our pre-cut Funnycar, Tungsten Plates and Polished Axles.


Pinewood Derby Trophy

I just bought the pre-cut starfighter, grooved axles and decals
off of you a couple weeks ago and I wanted you to know that my
son won a pinewood derby tournament. His car was the fastest
in the tournament (out of two counties). Thank you again... Zach S.


Pinewood Derby car using aerodynamic weight

All our parts and weights have come from ABC, quick shipping, excellent products.
Over the years our cars have always done well  - 2014 was Cole's big winner.
THANK YOU Dave and ABC Pinewood... Douglas B.


Pinewood Derby car using aerodynamic weight

This is my Star Wars Rebel Alliance Speeder. ;)  I won two of my four heats in our work-event "day at the races." Can't wait to compete again next year!  All the best, Melissa

Just want you to know that we won the entire Pinewood Derby.  1st place out of 40 kids and I also won the Dad's event. Thanks for all of the help... Lance M
Our pack has two Bear dens.  Each den raced themselves. Then top three from each Bear den raced each other to get down to the top two for Districts. After 12 or more races Jacob's car won every race but one.  His pine car then raced the one that beat him to determine first and second place.  Jacob's car went on to beat it.  Jacob took first place in our den and in the combined Bear den race. Onto Districts!! Thanks for all the help and support... Craig and Jacob H
These bottom weights work great!  I use a hot glue gun and they hold up great. I wish I found them years ago!!...Jerry B.
Thanks for your advice - we won 1st in his rank and 3rd overall out of 52 cars. We had a wedge design but I think we didn't win overall because we didn't use tungsten weights and ended up putting weights too far forward. We have a district race in a month....Colin H.
Whoo-hoo! We won 1st in our den, and went to districts! Did great there too! Your tungsten weights made the difference
:-)....Anne B.
Pinewood Derby WinnerThank you for getting our Pinewood Derby weights on time. Jabez WON 1st place in his Bear Den. He was super excited. He just got his trophy awarded at the Blue and Gold this past weekend. We always use you every year. He named his car "Spider Rider.
...Jabez and Rita J"
We came in 7th out of 48 people in our pinewood derby race. The time difference between us and first place was .051 seconds! Not bad for the first time!....David D. (David used our axles, wheels and weights)
I'm happy to report to you that the races were last night and, with the assistance of the items that we purchased from your company, which included the lathed and matched wheels with graphite and polished grooved graphite axles along with some tungsten weights, my son Ross's pine car blew past the competition and we won first place in our pack. We had also purchased supplies for you last year, and had won first place in the pack last year also...Ken H.
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the tungsten putty that I purchased from you. I won all of our pinewood races and ended up in 1st place. Thank you for your time... Jamie
Raced on Saturday. Got 4th place out of ~120, not bad. Son was a little disappointed, as 1st 2nd and 3rd get trophies. But I was happy with how we did (Kevin used our steel cylinder weights).... Kevin D
I want to give you an update on my grandson's performance using your tungsten canopy and wire weights. His derby car won first in his age group and second overall for the whole pack! Thanks for your good products..... Scott K
I recieved the tungsten canopy yesterday.Tthank you it is exactly what I needed!..... Kristine S
Sam won the pinewood derby for his pack. Car was a least a car and a half in front of his competitors every time. He wants to start on his next car..... Steven S.
My son's car won every race in a field of 32 cars. Most of the other cars came well prepared but we were just that little bit better. Our design,tungsten weights,dome, putty and wheel set up killed it. Thank you. ..... Rick D.
The dome weight worked out great as a central piece of weight. Simple Drill out and then glue to attach.... Ronald S.
Your weights are dense and compact - just what I was looking for. We ended up winning the fasted in den.... Ben F.
My son won den, pack and district. The great thing about your tungsten putty is that small adjustments in weight can be made just before the race without tools. Scales are different in each event so your car could weigh heavy or light but it doesn't matter, add or remove a little putty and you are all set.... Fred T.
The cylinders are excellent Pinewood Derby weights if you know how to bore a hole in a piece of wood. I don't but a friend helped and I'm very satisified with the results.
... A Derby Mom. :)
We used the stick on weights to fine tune our car. They worked great and the adhesive really stuck! As a side note, they can also be used for balancing ceiling fans..... Gary N.
My eldest ended up winning Pack Champion and middle son scored Open Class Champion, the latter of which was with a car equipped with the weight we ordered!..... Jayson B.
I used the 3oz tungsten disc for my son's district pinewood derby car this year and he won 1st place. I was wondering if this item will be available again next year...... Kevin A.
The disc is extremely dense and hard. It helped my son win 1st place in his pack's Pinewood Derby.
..... Johnny P.
The cars for my grandson turned out great. My first attempt at a pinewood derby car and we got second place. My goal was to just not have my grandson embarrassed. It was a good day. Thanks for the weights, which did help. Thank you...... Gerald N.
This was worth every penny, we won first place out of 67 cars!...... Anthony W.
My son had his very first pinewood derby and won second place. He usually has a hard time finishing more complicated projects, so this was a big help to him. The car weighed five ounces on the dot. The dome took to the spray paint he used nicely.
...... Ed J.
The tungsten putty worked perfectly. I could mold it to fit inside the cavity I carved. And it was easy to remove some when we found that the car was slightly over weight........ Sam K.