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Jun 19 2024
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Our pinewood derby wheels makes winning as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #27

Fast pinewood derby cars have light wheels. Trim as much weight from your wheels as possible (but keep the wheel balanced) without violating your district's rules.

Tip #35

Improve the looks of your wheels by painting the spokes with a silver, white or red marker. It is very easy just rub the marker on the outside of the spokes.
Chrome Spokes
Tip #46

Don't spin your wheels too much before the race. Wheels start to wear out after about 20 races.

Tip #69

Place the best wheels in the back of your pinewood derby car. Your car is heavier in the back so the rear wheels generate more friction.

Pinewood Derby Wheels

Click here for our Speed Wheels for Awana® Races
Colored Pinewood Derby Car Wheels

Some of our wheels are now available in red, orange and yellow.
Thise are still official pinewood derby wheels and are the same as our black wheels.
Only the color has changed.

Use our Prepared Pinewood Derby Wheels for greater speed

The wheels that come in your kit have imperfections that prevent your car from going as fast as it could.  We offer a variety of prepared wheels with these imperfections removed.

  • Matched Wheels - These wheels all come from the same mold. We also remove the step from the outer hub to reduce friction.
  • Lightly Sanded Wheels - The outside surface (tread) of the wheel is lightly sanded to remove high spots and make the wheel more round. This reduces the tendency of the car to bounce as it goes down the track. The outer hub step is removed.
  • Lathed Wheels - The outside surface of the wheel is smoothed so that the wheel is perfectly round. The shape of the wheel is not altered. The outer hub step is removed. The result is a smooth rolling car with minimum friction.
  • Lite Wheels - The outside surface of the wheel is smoothed and material is removed from the inside of the wheel to make the wheel lighter. A lighter wheel reduces rolling inertia and allows more weight to be added to the rear of the car where it will do the most good.
  • Outlaw Wheels - Thin wheels precision cut to be round and balanced and they are very light. Not legal in most races but these wheels are very fast.

Check the details for each wheel to see which are legal in your race.

Unmodified Wheels

Official BSA Wheels and Axles

Official BSA wheels and axles that have not been modified. These are for you if you just need a replacement set of wheels and axles for your car.
(4 wheels and axles per set)

sets of Black
sets of Red
Stock Wheels and Axles

Stock Wheels and Axles

Same dimensions as the official BSA wheels and axles but these high quality components don't require as much preparation as the BSA. Just file the crimp marks off of the axle head and you are all set.  May not be legal in official BSA races.

(4 wheels and axles per set)

wheels and axles

Premium Wheels

Unmodified official Pinewood Derby wheels selected for maxinum speed
Our Premium Wheels are unmodified official Pinewood Derby wheels that have been hand selected for high performance. These wheels are:
  • Selected from molds that have demonstrated higher performance
  • Round within .004"
  • Don't wobble
  • Roll straight
  • Diameter for all four wheels in a set are within .002" of each other
  • We also clean the wheel bore

Only 1 out of 20 wheels inspected meet our requirements for a Premium Wheel.

These wheels are legal in all races!

Premium BSA Wheels

Premium BSA Wheels

(4 wheels per set)
sets of Black
sets of Red
Premium BSA Wheels with Graphite Coating

Premium BSA Wheels
with Graphite Coating

(4 wheels per set)

Graphite coating may not be legal in
all races - check your rules.

sets of wheels
All of our speed products now have a "Speed Rating". The number in the red arrow is the number of inches that were gained at the finish line by using this product on our test track. Our test track is only 28 feet long so you can expect a larger gain on typical 32' to 45' tracks.  You can use this number to compare the relative speed advantages of our various products.

Custom Official Pinewood Derby Wheels

The fastest wheels possible for your race

Your local race rules may restrict the kinds of modifications that can be made to your wheels. Here you can select the modifications that are allowed by your rules. The result will be the fastest possible wheels for your race. In general, the more modifications that you select, the faster your car.

Colored Wheels
Wheel Color
Pinewood derby wheels are available in four colors. Wheel color does not effect speed. The graphite coating option is only available with black wheels.
Matched Wheel
Matched Wheels
16 different molds are used to make pinewood derby wheels. Each mold produces a wheel with slightly different characteristics than wheels created by the other molds.   The mold number is stamped on the inside of the wheel. Your car will be faster if it uses wheels from the same mold.

Matched wheels are legal in all races that don't restrict the use of matched wheels.
Matched set
Domed Hub Wheel
Domed Outer Hub
The outer hub of the wheel has a step that the head of the axle rides on. This step causes extra friction because the wheel is in contact with the outer part of the axle head where the distance traveled for each rotation is greater. A domed hub moves the contact point to the inside of the axle head, reducing friction.
Do not use if your rules state that the outer hub
cannot be modified. (we do not modify the inner hub)
Domed outer hub
Lathed Wheel
Smooth Wheel Tread
An uneven wheel tread will cause your car to bump as it goes down the track reducing your car's speed. Sanded wheels have only the high areas and rough spots removed. Lathe wheels have the entire tread surface smoothed to make the wheel almost perfectly round and flat. Click here to see if lightly sanded wheels are legal in your race.

Click here to see if lathed wheels are legal in your race.
lightly sanded
Graphite Wheel
Graphite Coating
A pinewood derby wheel has four areas that create friction. Our special process coats these areas with an even layer of high grade graphite. The graphite is bonded to the wheel so it will last many races. Our tests have shown no reduction in speed after more than 20 races! The areas of the wheel coated with graphite have a dark gray color slightly different than the color of the wheel.

Not legal in races that specify that wheels cannot be impregnated with graphite or Graphite cannot be bonded to the wheels.

Graphite coating
This speed rating shows the number of inches that your car will gain at the finish line for the wheel that you specified.
for a set of 4 wheels (axles not included)
sets of wheels
To order different sets of wheels, add the first set into the shopping cart then return to this page to add additional sets.

Lite Pinewood Derby Wheels

These official pinewood derby wheels have been treated and machined so all dimensions are perfect and ready to race. In addition to all of the modifications of our lathed wheels, the hub is reamed straight and plastic is removed from the inside of these wheels for the most possible weight removal but still retaining durability. These wheels are machined within a .0005” tolerance.

Light wheels are faster because less energy is required to spin them.

These wheels have been modified by Derby Worx. More on how these wheels are made

Pro Inertia Lite BSA wheels

All of the lettering and numbering inside has not been touched so these wheels will meet many Pack, District and Council Rules. This wheel only weighs 1.8 gram.


Click here to see if this wheel is legal in your race.


4 wheels per set

    sets of Inertia Lite wheels
Inertia Lite Graphite Wheel

Pro Inertia Lite with Graphite Coating

Same as our Inertia Lite wheels but with graphite bonded to the friction areas of the wheel as shown in the picture.


Click here to see if this wheel is legal in your race.

    Graphite Coated Inertia Lite wheels

Pro Ultra Lite BSA wheels

Every bit of excess plastic has been removed from this wheel. This wheel only weighs 1 gram.


Click here to see if this wheel is legal in your race.

4 wheels per set


    sets of Ultra Lite wheels
Ultra Lite Graphite Wheel

Pro Ultra Lite BSA wheels with Graphite Coating

Same as our Ultra Lite wheels but with graphite bonded to the friction areas of the wheel as shown in the picture.


Click here to see if this wheel
is legal in your race.

4 wheels per set
    Graphite Coated Ultra Lite wheels

Outlaw "Razor" Wheels

So fast they are illegal in most official races.
They are intended for "unlimited", "open division" and other non-official BSA races.
These wheels feature our Patent-Pending Anti-Friction Inner Strip, A-Cad engineered design for perfect balance and precision machined from Delrin on a C.N.C. for exacting tolerance. These wheels are ready to run. Just add your choice of lubricant.
RS Pinewood Derby Wheel

Razor RS Wheels

Weight is only 1g.


Razor RS Wheels

This is a Derby Worx wheel

4 wheels per set
Axles included
Not for use with grooved axles

sets of RS wheels
RS Pinewood Derby Wheel

Razor RSX Wheels

Same as our RS Wheel but with a series of 24 holes precision machined to reduce the weight to .9g.  A very fast wheel.


This is a Derby Worx wheel

4 wheels per set
Axles included
Not for use with grooved axles


Outlaw Wheels with Needle Axles

These wheels are very similar to the above RS and RSX wheels but they use small .035” diameter needle axles. Set-up and alignment is tricky but you can expect to see up to .0250 sec. increase over the standard “RS” wheels when aligned correctly.  We recommend these wheels for experienced builders due to the small axle size and the small drill bits used (you will need to use a drill press to drill the axle holes). Krytox or other liquid lubricants are recommended for these wheels.

Due to the small axle diameter, we do not recommend these wheels for cars over 7.5 oz.

RS Pinewood Derby Wheel

Small Diameter Axle "RSN" Wheels


This is a Derby Worx wheel

Includes 4 wheels, 6 Axles and 2 drill bits

RSN-X Wheel

Small Diameter Axle "RSN-X" Wheels

This is our fastest wheel!


This is a Derby Worx wheel

Includes 4 wheels, 6 Axles and 2 drill bits

sets of RSN-X wheels

Hint: Raise one of the front wheels on your car to make it faster (not legal in some races).
Instructions for raising a front wheel.

Replacement Small Diameter (Needle) Axles and Drill Bits

For use on the Outlaw RSN and RSN-X Wheels

Small Diameter Axle


1/32" Drill Bit




Special formula clings to wheels and axles. Ideal for Pinewood Derby cars. The best pure graphite available.



Fine graphite particles blended with molybdenum for more speed. The fastest dry lubricant available

Axle Puller

Axle Puller

Our axle puller is the easy way to remove axles from your car without damaging the axle or the wheel.
Axle Installer

Axle Installer

Axle Installers
Our axle installer makes it easy to install wheels and axles on your Pinewood Derby car the right way every time.
Pinewood Derby Glue


Recommend for attaching axles to your car.

Axle Keeper

Axle Keeper

Keep your axles aligned and secure.

Set of two

Axle Keeper

Axle Keeper sets
Graphite Pads

Graphite Pads

Dramatically reduces friction between
the wheel and car body.

Graphite Pads
set of 4 pads
Axle Polishing Kit

Axle Polishing Kit

Everything you need to polish your axles
Includes instructions

Axle Polishing Kit

Axle Polishing Kits

This kit includes:

  • File
  • #400 sandpaper
  • #1200 sandpaper
  • Axle Polish
  • Instructions
To place your order:
1. Enter the quantity you would like to order next to each of the above items.
2. Click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Details about our Wheel Accessories


You can raise a front wheel to make your car faster (if your rules allow it). All it takes is a toothpick. here is how to raise a front wheel.

Some pinewood derby car blocks are slightly warped which will result in a raised wheel. If your rules do not allow for a raised wheel, here's How to fix a raised wheel.

Pinewood Derby Wheel Video

This video shows how to prepare your pinewood derby wheels.

Customer Photos

Jonathan wins the pinewood derby.

Jonathan used our Ultra Lite Wheels and Graphite Coated Polished Grooved Axles
to beat the scoutmaster's son... who hadn't lost a pinewood derby race in 3 years
.... and was pack champion, winning 11 of his 12 races.


Unlimited Pinewood Derby Car

I just wanted thank you for your speedy shipping and great pinewood derby gear.
I won the adult division.  I highly recommend the thin speed wheels  they are great. 
thanks again... John S.
Pinewood Derby Car Winner

Ryan used our Lathed and Matched Red Wheels and Graphite Coated Grooved Axles to win First Place in his pinewood derby race. Very unusual car design.
Pinewood Derby Car Winner

Clarke Kingsley came third in his den and got to the grand final
using our graphite coated polished axles and lightly sanded wheels
Pinewood Derby Winner

Just thought I would send yall some info about the product I ordered.  I bought a set of Pro Ultra Lite BSA Wheel's and some graphite covered bsa axles. Everything worked wonderful. I only had one problem which was actually my fault. while putting on the final wheel axle set my hand slipped and dented the wheel and cracked it slightly. Your product is so good though that my son still ended up with first place(den), grand champion(pack), and third overall out of two cub scout packs and one girl scout pack. I have enclosed a pic also of him holding his two trophies... Jonathan C.
Jerry used our wheels and axles to win first place in all heats in his pinewood derby race

Taylor Grace won 1st place in her age division by a full second and a half!  When she competed against the winners of each class she got 3rd place, but statistically she was also a 1st place winner.  That is to say the statistical variation between each track (0.05seconds) was greater than the time difference between her car and the 2nd and 1st place finishers.  We had a great time. We'll order some more wheels next year, thanks so much for all your help! ...Todd J
Got 1st place, wasn't even close! Of course a great design combined with superior axles and wheels didn't hurt either. Thanks for your help!...C. Caceres
My son stepped on his car soon after building it, breaking two of the wheels. I ordered a set of your lathed wheels in desperation. I'm glad I did! They arrived quickly and we won the race. I don't think we would have done nearly as well with the old wheels....L. Servey
Pinewood Derby Winner
Tiger Cub Spencer crowned GRAND CHAMPION! Spencer lost 1st round (agh!) but won the remaining 5 rounds. Then the top 3 Tiger Cubs raced for the championship as the Boy Scouts / Weblo's were kept seperate. Spencer took the championship! Thanks! Great products! Spencer's Dad
The Ultra Lite wheels arrived in time for the race, and my son's car did quite well in the derby for his first effort. Thanks again.  Looking forward to doing business with you in the future...J Chawluk
Our two cars came in first and 2nd. Fastest time for the thin wheeled car was 2.935; for the other it was 3.040...M Zadikian
We bought your graphite coated wheels and axles and we are very happy. Our car won first place. It seemed to go faster in each race...G Bowes
By the way one of my grandsons is going to the regional's. The other grandson missed by only 2/1000 of a second.  I guess the wheels and axles worked....Roby P
Pinewood Derby Car Winner
I used your axles and Wheels and won pack champion. Your products are awsome...David H.
My son got 1st place and came hundredths of a secomd from the track record. We were very happy!!!...Mitch
Pinewood Derby Car Winner
I want to thank you for your fantastic customer service and your products!  I am a single mother working for the U.S. Army overseas and my son is a first grade cub scout who just experienced his first Pinewood Derby!  Thanks to you....my little boy had a wonderful, first experience.  I had never done this before and am quite the novice and was very anxious.  First...your products arrived in a very timely fashion.  Second...your guidance regarding the axles was right on!  I am very grateful for the purchase we made...it was so worth it.  My little one was so afraid he would lose...and instead he came in 3rd place!  He won over other youth who had participated in the derby for several years.  I am convinced it is due to your products and guidance.   Thank you.  You made his day and mine. Sincerely,...Claire A
I am verry impressed with your wheels.  This is my son's first year in scouts, and you can bet i will be doing business with you every year at derby time. Thanks again, and you will hear from us next year... Donny K
WOW. First in wolf pack, first overall. I don't know if I have ever seen my nephew that happy. I'm not sure how we will top that next year but I have no doubt you can help us do it. Thanks for your help. Regards, Stan
Thanks for the super fast shipping!! We won our Pinewood Derby! It was a close race with one other car but we won!! Thanks for your effort to get the axles and wheels to us on time!!   Carl T
This year I had two boys instead of one. We used your graphite coated wheels and axles and we were able to be competitive, .04 seconds off the leader... a huge improvement from dead last the year before....Michael W
Two Pinewood Derby Winners with trophies.
Our daughter got 1st place in the siblings category with top speed of 163 MPH. My son got 3rd place in his den with top speed of 167.82 MPH. Thank You...Jorge R.
Thank you very much. Just want you to know that my son came in first place in the pinewood derby this year thanks to your help. Thanks....David T (David used our graphite coated axles and Inertia Lite Wheels)
We raced three heats and finished 1 - 2 - 2. I'm sure the wheels made the difference.... Ken S
We got first in den and first in pack using your sanded wheels.... Joe C
I just wanted to write this letter of thanks. My grandson wanted to enter a new class of Pinewood derby being run for the first time in this area. "OutLaw" class racing for the parents. The combination of your RSX wheels, tungsten, and graphite pads produced a car that was 3 car lengths ahead of the nearest competitor! I wanted to thank you for listening to me on the phone. Answering my questions, and suggesting the RSX wheels. We have been invited back to next year's race already, because they can't wait to see what I bring to the table. Thanks again....Jonathan C
Thank you so much for the wheels, axles and axle installer. We just won our pack race and are off to the districts....Joe Z
Just wanted to let you know that my son finished 1st for the districts using your Premium wheels. Thank you! Aaron F
My boy blew them out in the races today! 1st place in his den and overall. Thanks!! Donetta J
Your graphite coated wheels are worth the extra cost. The competition was fierce this year and these wheels are what made the difference. We will be back next year...Tom A.
The wheels that I got from you are in a lot better shape than if I would have worked on the wheels and that makes the difference needed to win the race....Dave R.
Our son took first place in his den and pack races and in the district championship race, he took first place for all Tigers and third place overall against all packs. He missed out on second place by exactly 1/100th of a second.....Dan B.
I am very excited to build my pinewood derby car and I can't wait to see what these wheels can do!.....Heather B.
I bought a set of your Inertia Lite wheels and won won won!.....Travis A.
We took first place in our pinewood derby using the rsn-x wheels!! Great product, highly recommended .....Dallas H.
My girls Cub Scout got first place and champion award on the pack - undefeated. Now moving to district!!! .....Yuli V (Yuli used our Inertia Lite Wheels and Polished Axles)