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Scare away the competition with our Bugs decals. It's as easy as ABC!

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                Venom Pinewood Derby Car Kit Bugs Pinewood Derby Car Decals

This decal is no longer available.
You can find our current decals here.

Bugs Decals

Bugs Decal
Includes bee, wasp, beetles, spiders, ants, grasshopper, earwig, scorpion, caterpillar and millipede.
The Bugs Decal looks best on light to medium car colors.


Pinewood Derby Car

Sample of the Bugs decals on a car


Combine the bug decals together to create your own theme Here are some examples.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal
The decal pieces can be cut to make fun new combinations. Here the caterpillar has been cut to look as though the scorpion has diced him up with his claws.
Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Here is another example of cutting up a decal piece. A small slice of the millipede has been cut out to show the earwig's left pincher on top of the millipede as though he has him in his grasp.
Pinewood Derby Car Decal
The fly and spider from the Bugs decal, make a good combo with the Spider Decal.
Pinewood Derby Car Decal
Gross out your buddies with a combination like this set of bugs crawling out of a skull from the Creepy Decal.
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