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Mar 20 2023
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Animals for your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #68

If you use a vice to hold your car during cutting, put a thin piece of wood between both sides of the car block and the vice to prevent the vice from damaging the block.

Animal Figures for Your Pinewood Derby Car

Make your car stand out from the crowd - make it an Animal Car

These animal figures are just the right size to glue to the top of your pinewood derby car. A low profile car with a flat area large enough to attach the figure is recommended.
How to glue an animal figure to your pinewood derby car.

The weight and dimensions are given for each animal and can be used to determine your car's shape and if you will need additional weight.  Keep the following in mind when selecting an animal for your pinewood derby car:

  • Most races have a height limit so you will want to keep the total height under the maximum allowed. The animal height should be added to the car height for the total height.
  • Weight is the weight of the animal and should be added to the car weight for the total. Most races have a 5 oz weight limit.
  • The base dimensions is the required minimum flat area of the car. This is the area the the animal will be attached to.

We recommend that you use a low wedge or flat top car (or use our Lowrider block) to keep your height and weight within the race limits.


Lizard Pinewood Derby Car
Example of a completed car
The Lizard is small and light so it can be added to a variety of car shapes.

Weight: .2 oz    Height: 1 1/4"    Base: 1 1/2" X 1 1/2"    Overall Length: 2 3/4"


Monkey pinewood derby car
Example of a completed car
Weight: .9 oz    Height: 2"    Base: 1 1/4" X 2"    Overall Length: 2 1/2"


Triceratops pinewood derby carExample of a completed car
Weight: 2.2 oz    Height: 2 1/8"    Base: 1 1/2" X 2 1/4"    Overall Length: 4 3/4"

Wedge Pinewood Derby Block

This official BSA block is cut with a low wedge profile
Just right for an animal car
lowrider pinewood car
lowrider block

Pinewood Derby Car Paint

Specially selected to give the best results
Water based * Non-toxic * High Gloss
More Details
For a Protective
clear final coat

Gloss Clear

$3.95 ea.


$2.95 ea.




$2.95 ea.



Kandy Scarlet

$2.95 ea.


$2.95 ea.


$2.95 ea.

Int. Orange

$2.95 ea.


$2.95 ea.




$2.95 ea.




$2.95 ea.

Park Green

$2.95 ea.

Light Green

$2.95 ea.

Sky Blue

$2.95 ea.

Blue Angel

$2.95 ea.


These weights can be used to bring your car up to the 5 oz. limit.
They should be added near the rear of your pinewood derby car.
Steel Cylinders

Steel Cylinders

Steel Cylinders are ideal for bringing the weight of your Pinewood Derby car up to roughly 5 oz. Each cylinder weighs about 1/4 oz and is 1/2" long. The package comes with twelve cylinders for a total of 3 oz.

The best way to install these weights is to drill one or more 3/8" holes in the back or bottom of your car, insert the weights in the holes then glue them into place or cover with wood putty.

3 oz. Steel Cylinders
Tungsten Cylinder

Tungsten Cylinders

3/8" diameter cylinders
Three sizes to choose from.

$2.95   1/2 oz Cylinders (1/2" long)
$1.95   1/4 oz Cylinders (1/4" long)
$1.45   1/8 oz Cylinders (1/8" long)
EZ Cut Weight

EZ Cut Tungsten Cylinders

Same density as lead
Can be cut with a sharp knife

Two 3/8" diameter cylinders
1.6" length - 1 oz each
How to use our EZ Cut Cylinders

Set of two EZ Cut Cylinders
3/8" Drill Bit

3/8" Spade Bit

To drill holes for Steel and Tungsten Cylinder Weights
Fits any 1/4" or larger drill

Drill Bits
Stick-on Weights

Zinc Stick-On Weights

These 18 individual weights work great for fine tuning the weight of your Pinewood Derby car. They have an adhesive backing so it is very easy to attach them to your car.

10: 3/4 "X 1/2" X 1/8" .13 oz weights
8: 3/8" X 1/2" X 1/8" .06 oz weights
1.78 oz. total weight

Zinc is more dense than steel but not as dense as lead and tungsten.
Stick-On Weight sets
Tungsten Plate

Tungsten Plate

Each plate is .5 oz . Dimension: 1.43" X .56" X .068"

Designed to be mounted on the bottom of your pinewood car but can be mounted on any flat surface. Most cars have room for up to 12 plates.

$2.95 for each .5 oz plate
(mounting screw included)

Bottom Weight

Bottom Weights

This steel weight is designed to be attached to the bottom of your car.  It is less than 1/16" thick so won't interfere with the 3/8" minimum clearance specified in most rules. The weight can be adjusted in .02 oz increments by breaking off segments with pliers.

More Information on Pinewood Derby Bottom Weights

1 oz. Bottom Weight sets

Pinewood Derby Car Building Supplies

Everything you need to finish your car

Paint Brush

This 1/2" wide brush is just right for painting your Pinewood Derby car.

Pinewood Derby Car Accessories


Three 4" X 5" sheets

Ideal for sanding your
Pinewood Derby car.

Super Glue

Super Glue

Bonds to almost anything. Sets in seconds.

Ideal for attaching accessories, parts and weights to your car.

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