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Jan 29 2023
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You can organize and manage a Pinewood Derby race. It's as easy as ABC! 

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How to Run a Pinewood Derby Race

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Planning Guide

If you are the race manager/organizer, a good plan will help make your job easier. Below is an activity list that I used to organize our Cub Scout Pack Pinewood Derby race. This plan assumes the race will be held the fourth week of January.

To make your life easier, break up the tasks into sub-teams and appoint a leader for each sub-team. For example, I had a “track team”, a “food team”, a “Pit team” and an “activities team”. I hope this helps,




  September Activities  
Reserve gym at school Start of school year Cub Master who sets yearly schedule
  November Activities  
Order car kits 3 weeks before Dec meeting Race Manager
Pre-announce race date at meeting Nov meeting Race Manager
Sign-up volunteers to help with the race Nov/Dec meeting Race Manager
  December Activities  
Copy race rules & Pinewood Derby info sheet. Insert into car kits   Race Manager
Get track reserved 3-4 weeks before Race Manager
Hand out car kits to Den leaders – at end of meeting so kids don’t open boxes and spill contents! Dec Pack meeting Race Manager
  January Activities  
Race committee meeting – select people and sign up for activities. Fill in names for sub-team leaders Jan 13 Committee team
Order trophies Jan 10 Race Manager
Order ribbons for Den winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in Den Jan 10 Race Manager
Give gym layout to Janitors. Order TV and stairs for stage Jan 15 Race Manager
Make 30 copies of “Best in Show” ballots Jan 25 Race Manager
Race Day    
Setup track starting at 3 for 6PM race Jan 25 Track team
Setup check-in table with official scale, post rules Jan 25 Track team
Setup computer, enter contestant names Jan 25 Track team
Layout stage with trophies, ribbons and car holders Jan 25 Track team
Food Ordering    
  • Order 35 pizzas for 75 kids
  • Order liter bottles of soda
  • Buy 400 cups, plates, 900 napkins
  • Get pizza warmer box
  • Get change $1, $5, .25
Jan 20 Food team leader
Car Repair Pit    
  • Two hot glue guns
  • Lead strip and cutter
  • Graphite
  • Two postal scales
  • Screw drivers, wood chisel, extra wheels, axles
  Car Pit team leader
Race night activities
Fun stuff when kids get bored
  • Balloon shaving
  • Ring toss
  • Limbo
  • Car stand building
  • Face painting
  • Patch trading
  >Activities leader


  • If your rules require that all four wheels touch the track, here's a good way to check the cars: Slide a piece of paper under any wheel that you suspect is raised. If the wheel doesn't turn when the paper is slid under it then it is raised.
  • Each car should have a unique number sticker that is attached to the car for identification. the number can also be or painted on the car.
  • If you have a lot of kids, divide them up by age. The first round of races should be between kids of the same groups
  • Set up the track a day or two before the race so that the kids can make a few practice runs. Bring the scale too so that they can weigh their cars.
  • Consider holding an unlimited race (with its own set of rules) after the official race where the adults (and kids) can race their "other" cars.

A few items to help you with your race

Pinewood Derby Rules

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