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Sep 23 2023
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Pinewood Derby Race Management. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car

Play sound effects or have a group count down before each race. The kids love it and it builds excitement.

Keep a few wheels and axles on hand to replace broken parts.

Bring basic tools to the race so that small repairs can be made or weights removed if a car is too heavy.

A few balloons placed throughout the race area will add to the festivities.

The more prizes you give out, the better. Give prizes for the funniest car, slowest car, ugliest car and so on.

Don't hold your pinewood derby race on a week night, there just isn't enough time. Schedule the race on the weekend starting early afternoon.

Pinewood Derby Race Management

Car Inspection Box

Pinewood Derby Car Inspection Box

Provides fast inspection of dimensional compliance of cars used in
Shape N Race, Awana Grand Prix, Pinewood Derby and other similar races.


Car Dimension Checking
  • Car Dimension Checking
  • Underbody Clearance Checking
  • Wheelbase Checking
  • Raised Wheel Check
  • Start Pin Checking

Kit comes with simple assembly instructions and all parts needed. 
Wood can be sanded and painted, if desired.

Assembly Instructions


Derby Stop

Derby Stop for Pinewood Derby Cars

Derby Stop makes it easy to hold and display Pinewood Derby or Awana Grand Prix cars on race day. Includes numbered car stickers.

More information

Digital Scale

Digital Scale

Accurate to .01 oz
Ideal size for Pinewood Derby Cars
Backlit display



Calibration Weight

Calibration Weight


300 gram weight used to re-calibrate the digital scale sold on this page.

Calibration Weights
5 oz reference weight

5 oz Reference Weight

This 5 oz. weight is accurate to .0002 oz.
It can be used to check the accuracy of your scale or to weigh cars if you are using a balance scale.

5 oz Weights
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