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Jun 19 2024
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Accessories for your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #20

Your Pinewood Derby car should balance about 1" to 1 1/2" in front of the rear axle. This means that you should put weights near the back of the car. The rear axle should be as close to the back of the block as possible. Check your rules before moving the axle positions.

Tip #50

When placing your car in the starting position, make sure it is centered on the track and pointed straight down the track. All wheels should be pulled away from the body.

Pinewood Derby Car Accessories

Add these cool accessories to your car to make
it stand out from the crowd.

Accessory Kit #2

Exhaust Pipes

weight = 0.9oz

Example of the engine, exhaust pipes and spoiler on a car
Engine and spoiler on our Hornet car design
Accessory Kit #2

Accessory Kit #3

Exhaust Pipes
Driver's Head
Roll Bar

weight = 0.7 oz

Dragster Pre-Cut Car with Pinewood accessories

Example using Accessories Kit #3

Accessories Kit #3 on our Wedge car block
Accessory Kit #3

Accessory Kit #4

Steering Wheel
Roll Bar
Black Vinyl for Windshield

weight = 0.7 oz

Wedge Car

Accessories Kit #4 and Yellow Racing Stripes
on our Wedge Car block.
Accessory Kit #4

Police Light Bar

Turn just about any car into a police car or emergency vehicle.
Police Light Bar
Police Light Bar
Example of the Light Bar on a Pinewood Derby car
Police Light Bar


These plastic missiles can be used as is or painted any color.

Example of our missiles on a car.
This car also uses our plastic fin
available here.
Sets of Missiles

Car Eyes

They wiggle!

These oval eyes can be rotated to give different expressions.
Easy to glue on.
Two sizes.


Large Eyes

3/4 inch
Set of two Large Eyes

Small Eyes

1/2 inch
Set of two Small Eyes
Super Glue

We recommend our Super Glue for attaching
accessories to your pinewood derby car.

Super Glue
Derby Dome
Car not included

Derby Dome Display Case

Keeps car clean and dust free
More about the Derby Dome

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Police Pinewood Derby Car

James H used our Police Light Bar and wheel decals on his Police Pinewood Derby Car.

Rocky and Danette's son won the first place trophy
using Accessory Kit #1, wire weights and our Polished Axles

Bob's grandkids had 2 races over 2 days. I for Girl Scouts, and 1 for Cub Scouts. The middle 3 cars won most of the trophies and he used our red hoods and head lights/tail lights on them. The outside 2 cars won the ribbons and 1 of the trophies. He also used our plastic fenders on all of his cars.

Blue Angel Jet Car

Brad used our Jet Pre-Cut Block, Missiles and Blue Paint to make this Blue Angles Jet car.

Last Saturday my son came in 2nd place, last year was a 3rd place and before that a 1st place, thanks for all your help...Alan and Cameron
As a first time pine derby racer my 7 year old and I wanted to thank you for a great website and wonderful process.  I am out of town all week and we have not been able to shop at our scouting store - this site was a God-send. Thanks, David and son Parker
With the items from your web site and a lot of work my son Wyatt had the winning pinewood derby car out of his whole pack... Michael D