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Make your own magic Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC!

Example of pinewood car

Magic Pinewood Derby
                Car DecalsMagic Pinewood Derby Car Decals

This decal is no longer available.
You can find our current decals here.

Magic Pinewood Car Decals

Magic Decals
Includes eyes, planets, moon, stars, comets, magic bolts and a variety of colorful balls, loops and stars.

Pinewood Derby Car

Pinewood Derby Car

Sample of the Magic decals on a car


You can combine our Magic decal pieces to come up with hundreds of unique combinations of your own! Here are some examples.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal
Comet with trailing stars. There are plenty of stars on the Magic decal to use in many different ways on your Pinewood car!
Pinewood Derby Car Decal
Magic balls and rings. These balls and rings are a fun addition to your Pinewood car Magic design. They appear to be floating.

Combine with other decals to come up with your own designs.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Add fire with the Flames Decal. This makes a beautiful and unique design using stars and a comet from the Magic decal, and combining them with some flames from the Flames decal.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Use the magic eyes on the Pirate Decal. The addition of eyes from the Magic decal gives the Pirate a surprising new look! Try other eyes from the Magic decal to change his expression even more.

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