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How to Build the Furious Pinewood Derby Car Kit. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Pinewood Derby Car

Before you start, weigh all the of the car parts. You want to make the car slightly overweight. The heavier the car, the faster it will go. Break weight increments off if needed. Remember, you can take weight off the day of the race but may not be allowed to add weight.

Sand the entire car block with medium sandpaper, then sand with fine sandpaper removing all sanding marks. Whipe sanding dust off.

Mount the wheels and axles then test fit front fenders with lights, rear fenders and spoiler to the car body. Make sure the fenders don't touch the wheels. Glue fenders to body . Allow to dry thoroughly. Remove wheels and axles.

The green paint is a combination of sealer and paint. Apply two or more coats on the entire car. Allow each coat to dry thooroughly. Sand lightly between coats. Do not sand after the final coat.  Black and silver accent paint may be used to paint the spoiler and wheels.

When the paint dries, glue the spoiler to the car. Test fit decals and trim if needed. Apply decals to clean, dry, dust-free surface only. Pull up decal from backing sheet and place on racer.

Apply several coats of gloss finish with the foam paintbrush. Allow to dry between coats. Don't forget to rinse the brush after each use.

Turn your car on its top with a soft cloth under it. Attach weight to the bottom of the car with screws. Axles must be flush with the bottom of the car to allow 3/8" clearance. 

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