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How to Build the Blue Venom Pinewood Derby Car Kit. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Instructions for Blue
                Venom Pinewood Derby Car Kit Instructions for Blue Venom Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Pinewood Derby Car

Before you start, test fit the wheel and axle assemblies.  Put two wheels on one axle. Be sure outside of wheels face correct direction and install the hubcaps. Repeat with the other axle. Center the axle assemblies over the axle slots on the car bottom. Make slots the correct size by gently tapping axles into slots with a hammer. Both wheels should clear car body enough to spin freely. If not, sand sides of the car body until they do. Remove axle assemblies and set aside.

Use the medium sandpaper to smooth the entire car body. Then go over it again with the fine sandpaper.

Fit the fenders, side exhaust pipes, roll bar, bumper heads, steering wheel, driver, windshield and hood scoop to the car to test proper fitness. Check for gaps between the parts and the car body. Sand the parts to remove gaps. Glue front and rear fenders on the car.

Paint the entire car (including fenders) with the blue paint. Rinse paintbrush well after each coat. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat.

Glue driver's head to the body and the steering wheel to the driver's hand. Paint all accessory parts with the accent paint.  Glue all the parts on the car. Apply decals.

Apply gloss finish.

Attach wheels to the car.  Weigh the car including the weight. Snap tabs off of the weight with pliers until the car weighs 5 oz. Screw the weight to the bottom of the car.
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