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Dec 3 2022
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Lego car frame assembly instructions car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


How to assemble your Lego car frame

Lego Car Frame

Lego Car Frame Assembly Instructions

Insert axle into lego block.

1. Insert the axle into the Lego block. Center the block on the axle. If you plan on lubricating the axles with oil, now is a good time.


Add spacer and wheels
2. Insert a white spacer on both sides of the axle (bushings and hubcaps are in the small bag.
3. Place a wheel on both sides of the axle with the hollow side facing the Lego block.
Insert hubcaps on axle.

4. Separate four hubcaps from the bar and remove any remaining tabs from the hubcaps with a scissors. Keep the extra hubcap on the bar for a spare.
5. Press hubcaps on axle ends. They will snap on.
Assemble the frame
6. Assemble the frame by placing the two longer pieces on a flat surface end to end with the stud side down. Center the third piece between the two pieces and press into place.
Add wheels to frame
7. Attach the wheel assemblies to the underside of the frame.
Adjust wheelbase
You can change the wheelbase by attaching the wheel assemblies to different locations on the frame.

Raked Frame

Add pieces to the rear axle to raise the rear of the car. Will this make it faster?