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Sep 23 2023
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Add weights to the bottom of your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Bottom Weights for Your Pinewood Derby Car

Bottom Weight for Pinewood Derby Cars

Bottom Weight

This 1 oz. steel weight  is designed to be attached to the bottom of your car. The thickness is less than 1/16" so it will not interfere with the 3/8" minimum clearance specified by most rules.

This weight should be the last thing added to your car so that you can fine tune your car's weight to 5 oz.  The weight can be adjusted in .02 oz increments by breaking off segments with a pliers.

Use epoxy or other strong glue to attach the weight to the bottom of your car.

Two weights can be attached to the bottom of constant width cars.
For pinewood cars that vary in width, break the weight into sections and rotate some of the sections to fit.
Add weights to top of car
You can also use this weight on the top of the car and you can stack them.

They can also be used on the side of the car.