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May 18 2024
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Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels for Faster Speeds. 

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Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels

Matched Pinewood Derby Wheels

Official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels are made from a variety of molds. Each mold produces wheels with slightly different characteristics such as diameter, weight, bore size and so on. By using four wheels from the same mold, your car will be better balanced and more stable. The result? More Speed.

No modifications are done to these wheels.

If you are looking for more speed, our Custom Wheels have the modifications that you select.

This wheel should be legal in races that specify any of the following:

  • The diameter of the wheel must be greater than 1.18"
  • Wheels must be the original shape as packaged in the Official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit. (Wheels must not be peaked, ‘H’ed, humped, tapered, or narrowed.
  • Wheels may not be modified in any way.
  • Wheel treads must not be tapered, narrowed, rounded or grooved. Wheel treads must remain flat.
  • Wheels are not to be turned on a lathe, completely smoothed or modified.
  • Wheels may not be tapered or rounded.
  • Only the Official Scout Grand Prix wheels may be used. Wheels may not be sanded or lathed

And similar rules.

If your race rules do not allow matched wheels, our Premium Wheels are unmodified wheels that have been hand selected for best performance.