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May 18 2024
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Lathed Pinewood Derby Wheels with Graphite Coating. 

Example of pinewood car

Lathed and Graphite Coated Pinewood Derby Wheels

Lathed and Graphite Coated Lathed Wheels

These wheels are the same as our Lathed and Matched wheels with the addition that graphite has been added to the four friction areas show above. Our special process coats these areas with an even layer of high grade graphite. The graphite is bonded to the wheel so it will last many races. Our tests have shown no reduction in speed after more than 20 races! The areas of the wheel coated with graphite have a dark gray color.

This wheel would not be allowed in races that specify:

  • Wheels cannot be impregnated with graphite.
  • Graphite cannot be bonded to the wheels.
  • The diameter of the wheel must be greater than 1.18"

This wheel should be legal in races that specify any of the following:

  • Wheels must be the original shape as packaged in the Official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit. (Wheels must not be peaked, ‘H’ed, humped, tapered, or narrowed.)
  • Wheels may not be tapered or rounded.
  • The running surface may be smoothed but not polished to a mirror finish.
  • Wheel treads must not be tapered, narrowed, rounded or grooved. Wheel treads must remain flat.
  • Only wheels and axles from the official Pinewood Derby kit may be used. Beveling, routing, tapering, perforating or any other significant altering of the shape and performance of the wheels is prohibited. The tread may not be modified to enhance its performance and must be a completely flat surface. The tread width must not be narrowed beyond its original width.
  • Wheels must be full width, as provided in the “Grand Prix Kit.”. Wheels may not be tapered or re-formed so as to reduce the footprint of the wheel against the track surface.
  • The wheel diameter cannot be reduced past the ridge (rippled) edge and the ridge (rippled) edge must remain intact on the entire wheel.