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May 18 2024
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How to build a fast Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

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How To Polish The Rim Of A Pinewood Derby Wheel

A rough wheel rim edge can slow your Pinewood Derby car down when the wheel rubs against the track's center guide rail.

The Wheel Edge Polisher will smooth and polish the wheel rim making your car faster.


The Wheel Edge Polisher kit includes:

  • Polishing disc
  • 2 rough sandpaper rounds
  • 2 fine sandpaper rounds

1. Peel the backing off of one of the rough sandpaper rounds. Center it over the disk then press it on one side of the polishing disc. Use the same technique to attach a fine sandpaper round to the other side of the polishing disc.

2. Place a wheel, rim side down, on the rough side of the polishing disc. Turn the wheel several complete rotations using moderate pressure and turning in both directions.

3. Rub a small amount of dry graphite powder on the fine side of the polishing disc.

4. Polish the wheel on the fine sandpaper using the same technique as step 2.

Replace the sandpaper rounds with the spares as they become used.

Sandpaper round refills are available from our web site.

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