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May 18 2024
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Use this Wheel Alignment tool to make sure your car is adjusted properly. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


How to use the Wheel Alignment Tool on Your Pinewood Derby Car

Pinewood Derby Wheel Alignment Tool

Pinewood Derby Car Wheel Alignment Tool



Check the axle slots for alignment

Place the tool flat on the bottom of your car. Make sure the ruled edge is flush with one side and that both ends of the axle slot line up with the #1 line on the tool. Repeat with the second axle. If they do not line up, use a small file to align the slots or use another block.

Clearance between wheel and car body

Install axles and wheels according to kit instructions. Place the wheel clearance notch #2 between the car body and each wheel. Wheels should fit tightly against the tool. Set your car on a flat surface and be sure all four wheels are touching the surface and rotate when the car is rolled back and forth (unless you want one wheel to be raised). Adjust the depth of the axles or sand sides of block if necessary.

Preventing Chamber

Set car on a flat surface. Hold the tool perpendicular to the wheel and surface. Axles should be parallel to the surface and the wheels 90° to the surface and axles. Adjust if necessary. Repeat for the other wheels.

Toeing in or out

Lay the tool flat on the bottom of the car. Push the ruled edge against the front and rear wheels on one side. Be sure that the rums of both wheels touch the ruled edge at all possible points. Holding the tool in place, pull the opposite set of wheels away from the car body and then be sure that they line up on the same lines of #4.



Lay the ruled edge of the tool lengthwise in the middle of the car. Length of the car must not exceed 7".


Lay the ruled edge of the tool widthwise on the widest part of the car, including the wheels.
Width must not exceed 2 3/4".


Place the car on a flat surface. Slide the extended end #7 under the car. All points of the car must clear the tool.