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Jun 19 2024
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How to install the Under Glow Kit on your Pinewood Derby car. 

Example of pinewood car


Pinewood Derby Under Glow Light Kit

Pinewood Derby Under Glow Light Kit

Pinewood Derby Under Glow Light Kit

This Light Kit flashes blue and white lights from under your car. It will add 0.35 oz to your car's weight and takes about a half hour to install.  It will not interfere with the under car clearance if installed correctly.

This light kit should be installed after the car has been painted and the weights added but before the wheels have been installed.


Under Glow Light Kit ComponentsThe Under Glow Light Kit includes two components. The battery/light strips and the vinyl underside decal.

You will need the following:
1 1/8" forstner bit
Round file, rasp or dremel tool

Light on switch
Remove the clear plastic battery shipping tab from the battery module. You will see the tab where the wires enter the battery case. The lights should now work by pressing on the "C-" symbol on the battery cover. The symbol may not be directly on the switch so press in the general area of the symbol until you find the switch. Pressing the switch once will cause the lights to flash fast. Pressing again will cause a slower flash. Pressing a third time will result in steady on and a fourth press will turn the lights off.
First mark centered between wheels
The light strips will be mounted on the bottom of the car along both edges. Mark the spot on the bottom of the car that is centered between the front and rear wheels and centered between the two sides.
Second mark 7/8" from first mark.
Now place a mark 7/8" from the first mark towards the rear of the car and centered. This is where the battery module will be installed.
Drill 1 1/8" hole
Use a 1 1/8" fostner bit to drill a hole 3/8" deep at the second mark. Do not drill all the way through the block.
Make relief for wires


Use a round file, rasp or dremel to shape a small relief in the rear of the battery module hole so the wires can lay against the block.

Attach light kit to bottom of car.

Insert the battery module into the hole and gently curve the wires to place the light strips in place along the edge of the block and centered between the wheels. Remove the blue adhesive backing on the light strips and carefully apply them to the bottom of the car.

Peel the clear, vinyl underside decal off of the paper backing and place it over the light strips and battery module. Start in the center and work outward gently forming the decal over the lights and wires. Finish by wrapping the decal over the sides of the car to secure the light kit to the bottom of the car. Do not race your car without the underside decal in place.

Your Light Kit is now ready for you to use.

Replacement Battery is a Lithium CR 2032