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Feb 22 2020
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Durable practice track stands for pinewood derby cars. Easy to assemble 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #19

Polish the inside of the wheel hub by rubbing some graphite on a pipe cleaner then run the pipe cleaner through the wheel hub several times. For a super smooth finish, hub polisher includes a plastic polish, pipe cleaners and drill attachment.

Pinewood Derby Practice Track Stands

These are the instructions for the Track Stand for 16 to 26 foot Practice Tracks
Instructions for the other stands are very similar.

Track Stand for Pinewood Derby Cars

This track stand can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. Glue should not be required but fittings may loosen over time. If this happens, a small amount of super glue can be used.  This stand supports up to two lanes of track.

This kit has the following parts:

3: Elbow connectors
3: T connectors
1: 3-way connector
3: End caps
3: 8" Foam covers

1:  20 1/4" tube
1: 18 1/4" tube
1: 13" tube
1: 9 1/2" tube

2: 6 3/4" tubes
5: 8 3/4" tubes
1: 3 1/2" tube
1: Small cardboard box

Track Stand Assembly

Assemble the track stand as shown above.
Push all tubes as far as they can go into the connectors.


Place the track on the stand such that the track joints
are resting on the second and third supports.

Place the small cardboard box under the third track joint as shown.
The longer side end dimension of the box should be vertical.  Your track is ready.