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May 18 2024
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Clips to attach multiple pinewood derby track lanes together. 

Example of pinewood car


Pinewood Derby Track Clips

Pinewood Derby Track Clips

Track Clips

These very small binder clips can be used to attach multiple lanes of our pinewood derby track together. The handles can be easily removed after the clip is on the track.


Attach clips to track

Place the two track lanes next to each other. Use the handle on the clip to open the clip then place it on both track edges to hold the track together. Place one clip just after each end of the track connector. Do not place the clip on the track connector.

Removing the clip handle

You can leave the clip handles in place or you can remove the handles by squeezing each handle until it comes out of the clip. Removing the handles will create more clearance if you are racing cars that are wider than the standard pinewood derby car.

To remove the clips when the handles are off, slide the clip up and off of the track then attach the clip handle by reversing the procedure use to remove the handle.

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