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Jan 21 2018
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A safe way to stop your cars at the end of the track. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


How to assemble our Practice Track Brake

Pinewood Derby Practice Track Brake

Track Brake Assembly

The Track Brake can be assembled in a few minutes.

1. Drill a 3/16” hole in the center and  1/2” from the end of your track.  This hole will be used to attach the brake to your track.

3. Next, attach the brake to the track by sliding the low end of the brake under the track until the two holes line up. Insert a screw from under the brake and through the hole on the track, screw on the nut and tighten.

2. Assemble the brake as shown in the diagram using the included screws and nuts.  It is important that the screws be inserted in the correct direction.  The screw at the base should be pointed up and the tapered hole in the base should be down. The screw at the top of the ramp should be pointed down.  Tighten both screws then put the brake on a flat surface. If the base is not flat on the surface, bend the leg slightly so that the base is flat.

4. Do not paint or polish the top side of the brake or you will reduce the brake's ability to stop your cars.
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