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Sep 23 2023
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A reliable way to start your pinewood derby cars. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


How to assemble our Pinewood Derby Starting Gate

Pinewood Derby Starting Gate

Starting Gate Assembly

This starting gate replaces the top horizontal track support tube on our track stands.
It is for use only on our pinewood derby track stands.
Assembly only takes a few minutes.

Starting Gate Assembly

1. This kit consists of two sets of PVC pipe with two different diameters.  One of the large diameter pipes has a thinner wall than the other pipes.  Connect the pieces together as shown above. Remove the foam padding from the top track support on your track stand and insert it on the large diameter piece with the thick wall. When done, the top piece of the small diameter pipe will slip into the thin walled large diameter pipe as shown by the red arrow.

2. Remove the top track support pipe on your track stand and replace it with the Starting Gate pipe that now has the foam on it. Rotate the top of starting gate back slightly, leaving enough height clearance for your cars to pass under it. 

Pinewood Derby Starting Gate Adjustment

3. The starting gate may need to be adjusted so that it is perpendicular to the track. To adjust, twist the connection shown by the red arrow.

4.Your cars might try to creep under the gate. If this happens, you can tilt the starting gate farther back and/or add weight to the bottom tube. To add weight, remove the end cap then add sand or any metal objects such as nails or fishing weights then replace the end cap.

How to use the stating gate

5. To operate the starting gate, lift the bottom tube to allow the cars to pass under it.