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Sep 23 2023
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Build a winning pine wood derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Pine Wood Derby Speed Secrets Book

Pine Wood Derby Speed Secrets

Experience the thrill of winning the Pine Wood Derby!

Whether this is your first race or you are a seasoned competitor, Pine Wood Derby Speed Secrets has all the advice and tips you need to bring home the trophy.

Featuring fully-illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions covering every step of the process, author David Meade, a research scientist and the father of two undefeated Derby champs, reveals his ultimate speed secrets for crossing the finish line first.

You'll discover:

  • How to build three levels of Pine Wood Derby cars: The Winning Car, The Champion Car, and The Ultimate Car.
  • The fun of building the car with your child.
  • The secrets to preparing the wheels and axles, distributing weight, and shaving seconds off your race time.
  • Seven ready-to-cut templates.

By using the tips and techniques in Pine Wood Derby Speed Secrets, you too will be sure to build a winning car while building memories that will last a lifetime.

Table of Contents:

A History of the Pine Wood Derby

Chapter 1: Getting Started in the Pine Wood Derby

Having a solid understanding of the principles of safety, speed, and car design is essential to building your car and will make the process more fun for you and your child.

  • Be safe - Basic safety guidelines
  • A Scout is Trustworthy - Official rules explained
  • Let Your Child Build the Car - Describes how your child can do most of the work.
  • General Guidelines for Car Design - What to think about when deciding on a design.

Chapter 2: Building the Car Body

The very first thing that you'll want to do is work on the design for your car. However, this involves more than just picking a good looking shape.
  • The Winning Car - Ideal for beginners. An easy car to build yet fast enough to win.
    • Template
    • Cut the Design
    • Determine weight and weight placement.
    • Sand the car
    • Add the weights
    • Paint the car
    • Lubricate the wheel well
  • The Champion Car - Go beyond what most people do.
    • Extend the wheelbase
    • Create glue holes
    • Decal tips
  • The Ultimate Car - Go the extra mile and take home the trophy.
    • Bake the block
    • Quick start design
    • Improving standard designs
    • Make a three-wheeler

Chapter 3: Axle Preparation

Correctly preparing your axles is the single most important thing you can do to increase the speed of your car.
  • The Winning Axles
    • Remove the burrs
    • Polish the axles
  • The Champion Axles
    • Taper the axle head
    • Polish the axle head
  • The Ultimate Axles
    • Find the best axles
    • Reduce contact surface area

Chapter 4: Wheel Preparation

The stock wheels that come straight out of the box leave a lot to be desired when it comes to building a winning car.
  • The Winning Wheels
    • Polish the wheels
    • Lubricate the wheels
    • Liquid vs dry lubricant
  • The Champion Wheels
    • Wheel selection
    • Taper the wheel hub
    • Polish the inside rim
  • The Ultimate Wheels
    • Lathe-turned wheels
    • "H" and "V" configurations
    • Polish the wheel bore

Chapter 5: Putting It All Together

This chapter will show you everything from attaching the wheels to preparing for the final weigh-in on race day.
  • Attaching the Wheels - Get the spacing right.
  • Wheel Alignment - The best techniques and what to look out for..
  • Final Wheel Lubrication - How to apply graphite.
  • Breaking Them In - Very important step that most don't do.
  • The 20-Second Test - Be sure everything is correct and ready to go.
  • The Final Weighing - Last minute weight hints.

Gallery of Winning Cars

Extra Templates

Design Your Own Car

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We were able to get to 2nd place in his district. My guess is a total of over 6,000 competing throughout our area and our son's car was in the top 20. Not bad... Rick H.