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Jun 19 2024
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Cut new axle slots in your pinewood derby car block. 

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How To Use the Slotting Tool To Cut New Slots In Your Pinewood Block

Pinewood Derby Axle Slot Tool

Pro Body Slotter

Now you can cut accurate axle slots in a pinewood derby car block with this tool and a standard hack saw. New axle slots are needed if the existing slots were not cut straight or if you want to alter the wheelbase of your pinewood derby car. You can also cut slots in the top of the block then cut the block in half to make two blocks.

To use the Pro Body Slotter, you will need:

  • Hack saw
  • Extra hack saw blade
  • Vice or "C" clamp
  • Square or other right edge tool
  • Pencil

It is best to cut axle slots before you shape your block.


Test fit the tool

1. Test fit the tool on the bottom of the block with the two "ears" positioned on the side of the block. If the tool will not fit onto the block, use course grit sandpaper to reduce the width of the block until the tool fits slightly loose.
Draw a reference line

2. Using a square, draw a straight line on one side of the body block (opposite of the holding screw) in the desired axle slot positions for both front and rear axle slots.  Extended wheelbases should be positioned no less than 5/8" from the end of the block to prevent the wheels from extending past the ends of the car.
Position the tool

3. Position the tool on the bottom of the block with the two "ears" on the sides of the block. Align the index mark on the tool with the line corresponding to the location of the new axle slot.

Clamp the tool
4.Clamp the tool in place by tightening the 3/32" set screw with the provided hex wrench. Tighten it just enough to hold the tool safely in place (do not over tighten). The set screw will make a small dimple in the block that will be hidden behind the wheel but can be easily filled with a dab of wood putty.
Add second saw blade
5. Install two blades in a standard hack saw frame in opposite directions (teeth forward in one and backwards in the other). We recommend 24 teeth per inch for a good cut and proper width.
Cut the slot6. Place the block in a bench vice or clamp it to a table to help hold it during the cut. Cut until the blade reaches the bottom of the tool's slot.
Final Result

You now have a perfect axle slot.





Pinewood Derby Car Slotter Tool Video

Watch this video for more information on how to use
the Body Slotter tool to cut perfect axle slots.

Pinewood Derby Car Slotter Tool Transcript

Introducing the Derby Works new Pro Body Slotter. After many seasons and lots of email about how do I create a correct and accurate slot in a Pinewood Derby body, Derby Works has developed this special tool. Precision machined slot bracket, guiding a saw to the correct depth to reproduce standard Pinewood Derby car type slots, index lines for laying the tool out, and a simple clamp screw so no additional clamping is required. What we'll need for this job is our Pinewood Derby car block, a carpenter square, a 3/32 Allen wrench, a pencil, a standard hacksaw and an extra blade.

Start by selecting where you would like your slot to be in the body and mark it. Take your carpenter square and transfer it around to one side. Next take your Pro Body Slotter, install it over the body and line that mark up on the side opposite of the clamping screw. With your 3/32 Allen wrench snug your clamping screw to pull it square against that side of the body. The side of the body that you use as your reference side should be the side of the body you use when you transfer forward to your second slot.

Next with a standard hacksaw we will add a second blade to establish the width of the slot. Insert this blade with teeth in opposite direction from the other blade. This will create a groove with same width as a standard groove which will work with most standard Pinewood Derby car axles.

Place your block in the vice. Placing your hacksaw in the slot, gently saw back and forth to the bottom of the groove. Thus we're making a new accurate groove that works perfect with all Pinewood Derby car axles and even with the Derby Works Pro Axle Guide.