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May 18 2024
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Plastic fenders for your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Plastic Fenders for Your Pinewood Derby Car

Plastic Fenders

Plastic Fenders

Reduce drag and make your car look cool

There are two fenders in each set. Up to 3 sets of fenders can be attached to a car.
Example of pinewood derby car with two sets of fenders.

Example of car with 2 sets of fenders
Example of pinewood derby car with three sets of fenders.

Example of car with 3 sets of fenders

Proper fender mounting

Proper mounting of fender to block.
Back view of fender attached to car block
The outside of the fender is the side with the smooth curve.  The inside has two flat surfaces at an angle to each other. When looking at the back of the fender (where the hole is), the top of the fender is wider than the bottom. The fender should be placed on the car so that the top inside surface is attached to the car body and the bottom surface of the fender is below the car body.

Use super glue or epoxy to glue the fenders to the car. Glue the fender to bare wood, not to paint.


  1. Sand the fender with #400 sandpaper until smooth.
  2. You can add weight to the rear fenders by inserting tungsten putty in the fender access hole. Pack the putty in the fender with a toothpick so that it doesn't fall out during the race.
  3. If the fenders will be a different color than the car, paint the fenders and the car now. Do not paint the parts where the fender and car will be glued together.  If the fenders will be the same color as the car, glue the fenders on the car before painting.
  4. Decide which wheels the fenders will be mounted next to and mount wheels and axles in those positions so that the axle is 1/8" in the block.
Trace outline around wheel.

5. Trace a line around the wheel in the location that the fender will be glued to.

6. Glue the fenders on the car with super glue or epoxy so that the fender is 1/8” away from the wheel outline that you traced on the block.
7. Paint the car if it wasn't painted in step 3.
Plastic Fenders