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Jun 19 2024
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How to Assemble your Pinewood Derby Car Paint Handle. 

Example of pinewood car


How to Assemble and Use Our Pinewood Derby Car Paint  Handle

Pinewood Derby Paint Handle

Pinewood Derby Car Paint Handle

This paint handle makes it easy to paint your pinewood derby car.

    It has the following features:
  • Hold the car in any position, making it easier to apply even coats of paint.
  • Can be used with standard and extended wheel base and with axle slots and axle holes.
  • Keeps paint out of the axle slots or holes.
  • Includes base for holding your car while it dries

Paint Handle Video

This video demonstrates how to paint a pinewood derby car using the Paint Handle.

paint stand parts

Easy to assemble with nine pieces
Screw driver required

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

1. Insert the small into the bottom of the brackets. The hole in the tab should be facing the end of the bracket.

2. Insert each bracket into the handle until the top of the tab is flush with the top of the handle.

3. Use the included screws to fasten the tabs to the handle.

4. Assemble the stand by inserting the pole through the bottom of the stand. Place the stand on a flat surface and push down on the stand to seat the pole in p[lace.

How to Use our Pinewood Derby Paint Handle

wheel placement in display stand

1. Press the ends of the brackets about 1/4" firmly into the axle slots or axle holes.


Finished display stand

2. Hold the handle while painting the car. Both spray paint and brush work well.
Completed Paint Stand with Sample Pinewood Derby Car

3. Place the handle on the stand to dry.
Car Paint Handle