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Dec 7 2023
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These official pinewood derby axles are ready to race. 

Example of pinewood car


Polished Pinewood Derby Axles

Don't let your axles keep your car from winning!

The axles that come in your pinewood derby kit have several flaws. Besides burrs and crimp marks, the axle shaft often has a slight curve and the axle head may not be at a right angle to the shaft.

You can try to remove the flaws from your axles but we have a better solution.

Polished Axles


Pinewood Derby Car Axle


Pinewood Derby Car Axle

The grooved axle is slightly faster then the non-grooved axle but it isn't allowed in all races. Check your race rules.

Our Polished Axles are official BSA axles that we prepare for you:

  1. Straighten the axle.
  2. True the axle head so that it is at a 90 degree angle to the axle shaft.
  3. Remove Crimp marks
  4. Remove Burrs.
  5. Taper the head slightly to reduce contact area with the wheel.
  6. Cut a shallow groove in the axle shaft to act as a lubricant reservoir (grooved axle).
  7. Polish the axle shaft.
  8. Machine polished to a very fine mirror finish.

The result is the fastest official axles around. These axles are ready to race!

All of the axles on this page are also available with our exclusive graphite coating. The graphite is bonded to the axle and will last for more than 20 races.

Graphite coated pinewood derby axle