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Sep 23 2023
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Tools to help you build your Pinewood Derby Car. It's as easy as ABC! 

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How to use the Wheel Mandrel on Your Pinewood Derby Car

This mandrel is used to mount wheels in a drill or a lathe in order to polish or machine the wheels. The mandrel can also be used in a dremel.

The wheels can be mounted in either direction to aid in polishing the inside edge of the wheel.

The mandrel screw has a beveled face to ensure that the wheel is centered on the mandrel screw.

Tighten the mandrel screw unitl the wheel is firmly in place, but do not over tighten as the wheel could be damaged.  This is especially important for wheels made with a softer plastic, such as those supplied by Awana.

When the wheel is mounted, spin the wheel while holding it lightly against a sandpaper block.

Mandrel Diagram


Mandrel Video

Watch this video for more tips on how to improve your
pinewood derby wheels using the Pro Wheel Mandrel.

Mandrel Video Transcript

The Pro Wheel Mandrel is a tool specially designed to hold and center Pinewood Derby car wheels for treating the tread surface. It has 4 distinct features which set it apart from other tools in the industry.

Number 1, the tool has a small tail for mounting in dremel tools or a large portion of the body can be held by a drill chuck.

Number 2, the shoulder of the tool has a small step recessed for reverse mounting different designs of wheels accurately and straight.

Number 3, the knob is knurled so it can be installed by hand and no tools are required.

And number 4 it has a centering cone so the wheel is truly centered and not just positioned on the screw for greater accuracy when treating your Pinewood Derby car wheels.