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May 18 2024
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Make your Pinewood Derby car wheels faster. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Instructions for using the Pro Hub Shaver

Hub Shaver

Pro Hub Shaver

The Pro-Hub shaver reduces friction between the axle head and wheel
by removing the outside ring step on the outer wheel hub.

Outer ring on the wheel hub

Arrow points to the extra step around the outer hub area on the new style wheels.
Hub Tool

The Pro Hub tool is needed to use the Pro Hub Shaver.


File the cutter at an angle

1. Before beginning, a modification to the tool is recommended. Use a metal file to file the top of the cutter at a 15 degree angle with the highest spot at the cutter edge.

Polish the cutter with sandpaper

2. Smooth the filed surface with a sharpening stone or #400 sandpaper.

Hub Shaver mounted on the Hub Tool

3. Slide the Hub Shaver onto the pin of the Hub Tool with the cutting edge outwards.

4. Place a wheel onto the pin of the tool, spoke-side first. With one hand, hold the tool and with the other hand press the wheel against the tool. Rotate the wheel three complete revolutions or until the outer ring is completely removed.

Hub Shaver Video

Watch this video on how to use the pinewood derby Pro Hub Shaver.

Hub Shaver Transcript

The outer Pro Hub Shaver is designed to work with the Pro Hub tool as a way to correct or remove imperfections in the outer hub area under the axle head.

First we size the wheels with the Pro Hub tool making sure that they'll all work correctly and smoothly.

Next we install the outer Pro Hub Shaver onto the Pro Hub tool. Install your wheel in reverse pattern with the outer hub area against the outer Pro Hub Shaver. Press firmly and rotate to shave or recondition the outer hub area.