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May 18 2024
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How to install the Headlight Kit on your Pinewood Derby car. 

Example of pinewood car


Pinewood Derby Headlight Kit

Pinewood Derby Headlight KitRear View of Headlight Kit

Pinewood Derby Headlight Kit

The Headlight Kit includes two white head lights and two red tail lights. All lights are powered by one replaceable battery. With a little creativity, these lights could be used for other purposes such as police lights and so on.

Your car should be designed with enough flat area in the front and rear to mount the lights.

You will need
1 1/8" fostner bit
3/16" drill bit
1/4" drill bit
Supper Glue


Draw guidelines on bottom of pinewood derby car

Cut your car to the desired design leaving enough flat area in the front and rear for the lights. Do not paint your car yet.

Draw two crossing straight lines on the bottom of the car that connect the position of the headlights to the position of the taillights. The center of your car is where the two lines cross.

Drill battery hole
Use a 1 1/8" fostner bit to drill a hole 3/8" deep at where the two lines cross. This will be where you will install the battery. Do not drill all the way through the block.
Drill 1/4" light holes

Carefully use a 3/16" drill bit to drill a starter hole at the front and rear light locations following the lines toward the center hole that you drilled. You do not need to drill all the way to the center hole. Now use the 1/4" drill bit to drill the holes to their final size. Drill all the way to the center hole.

Now sand and paint your car.

Battery Module

Remove the clear plastic battery shipping tab from the battery module. You will see the tab where the wires enter the battery case. The lights should now work by pressing on the "C-" symbol on the battery cover. The symbol may not be directly on the switch so press in the general area of the symbol until you find the switch.

Install lights and battery in car.

Separate the light leads and carefully thread them from the center hole to the desired locations, pulling them out about one inch.

Carefully apply a drop of super glue on the side of one of the lights then place the light in the desired location in the hole. Repeat for the other lights.

After the glue sets, coil up the excess wire in the battery hole and carefully press the battery module into the hole. The tension from the rubber case will hold it in place.

Your Light Kit is now ready for you to use.

Replacement Battery is a Lithium CR 2032