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May 18 2024
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Fine tune the weight of your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


How to use the Fine Tune Flat Weight

Fine Tune Flat Weight

Here are several suggestions on how to add this flat weight to your Pinewood Derby car.

Add to Back of Car

Increase your car's speed by attaching most of the weight as far in the back of the car as possible. This weight can be attached directly on the back of the car.
Shorten car before adding weight.

Most race rules require that the car length be 7" or less so you should cut off 1/8" from the rear of the car before attaching the weight (cut 1/4" if attaching two two layers of weight). Cut the Flat Weight to match the back of the car.

Weight attached to rear of car
If you are adding other weights, drill holes in the back of the car and insert the weights then the weights will be sealed when you attach the flat weight. Measure the car's length with the weight on the car. If the car length is over 7", cut the front of the car to bring it back to 7".

Add to Bottom of Car

Pinewood Derby Car track clearance
Race rules require that your pinewood derby car have at least 3/8" clearance between the bottom of the car and the track. This weight is 1/8" thick so it can be added to the bottom of the car if your car has at least 1/2" clearance before adding the weight.
Adding weight to the bottom of a pinewood derby car
Place the weight as close to the rear of the car as possible. Some race rules state that the axle slots cannot be covered. In this case, cut the weight so that it can be placed on both sides of the slot.  Our axle installer cannot be used if the weight is near the axle slot so the wheels and axles should be installed before adding the weight.

Add as a car accessory

Hood scoop weight
Be creative and cut the weight in a variety of shapes to make hood scoops (shown above), armor, bumpers and so on. 
Side weights
Attach the weight to the side of the car to give the car a new shape. Use a file and sandpaper to taper the edges of the weight to help it blend with the rest of the car.