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Jun 19 2024
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Add fenders to your Pinewood Derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Tip #54

Sand the inside of the wheel wells before gluing the fenders on your Pinewood Derby car. A smooth wheel well will allow you to place the fender closer to the wheel.

Pinewood Derby Car Fenders

Pinewood Derby Car Fenders

These fenders are glued to the side of your car block before you shape your car.
Not recommended for use on pre-cut cars.

3/8" x 1.25" x 7"

Rear fenders and Plastic Fenders also available


Attach the wheels and axles to your block. Position the fenders so that there is equal spacing around the wheels. The bottom of the fender may not be flush with the bottom of the block.  Glue the fenders to the block with a good wood glue. Secure in place with clamps or rubber bands.

If your design has the fenders rising above the car body at any point then it will be easier to glue the fender on the body after the fender has been shaped.

After the glue has dried, remove the wheels and trace your design on both sides of the car. Cut with a band saw or coping saw.

Round the edges and smooth the rough spoets with sandpaper or a file.

The fenders may cause some pinewood cars to exceed the 5 oz maximum weight. You can remove weight by drilling holes in the bottom of the car near the front.

Car Fenders

Two fenders per set


Pinewood Derby car with fendersI just wanted to say thank you for everything.  With everything we bought from you last weekend, it worked.  I would recommend your company to anyone. You made an 11 year old girl very happy. We made this car in two days.  She designed it, I had to cut it out on a band saw, and we both used a die grinder to get the car to the shape she wanted.  That was the only thing that we did not follow the book on.  She wanted her car to be hers, and not someone else's design.  She raced today, and raced a kid that shaped his like a toothpick.  It was rounded up front, but very thin the rest of the way down.  Everyone thought that kid was going to win, but the first race my daughter beat him by 3", so the kid wanted to race again in a different lane, and asked her if she would race again.  She said sure, so they switched lanes, and she beat him again by the same amount. 

  I had to stay up all night last night to finish the car, because we were waiting on putty to dry before we could paint it.  I got paint on it 2 hours before she left, and thanks to a little help of my oven on 225 to help the paint dry.  This is both of our first time building one of these.  She ended up tying for 1st place, because there was .002 that separated the two kids.  We will send pictures, and thank you for everything.

Thank you again for everything, and we will be getting more things from you soon, she will be building another pinewood derby car next year. Thank you very much, Kevin & Arriauna A

Knight Rider Pinewood Derby Car

Brad added fenders to a standard Pinewood Derby block to make this Knight Rider car.
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