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Jun 19 2024
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Turn your Pinewood Car into a Police car or Emergency Vehicle. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Police / Emergency Pinewood Derby Car Decals

Police / Emergency Decals

Police Car / Emergency Decals

Includes a variety of police and sheriff shields and stars as well as
colored stripes and symbols used on emergency vehicles.

Pinewood Derby Car
Pinewood Derby Car

Sample of a police car using the Police / Emergency decals


You can create a variety of police cars and emergency vehicles with these decals.
Here are some examples.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

911 Shield. Just one idea of many possibilities using a badge and the 911 numerals

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

State Police. This would also work well using a star, or the other badge.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Police bar for side of car. There are many possible combinations with these decals, you can use the 911, Police, Sheriff, Paramedics, Ambulance, or Emergency words, with any of the colored stripes, stars, crosses, badges, or medical symbols.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Sheriff star for side of car. Choose your stripe and badge to best match the color of your Pinewood car.

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Variety of emergency styles. Mix and match emergency symbols from the decal choices, there are enough colors to match your Pinewood car!

Pinewood Derby Car Decal

Combine with our Military Decal to create your own unique styles. The Emergency and Police decal can easily incorporate pieces from any of our other decals!

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