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Sep 23 2023
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Display your Pinewood Derby car with the Derby Dome. Easy to assemble. 

Example of pinewood car

Tip #68

Use a little car polish to remove graphite from your Pinewood Derby car's finish.

Derby Dome Display Case

Pinewood Derby Dome

Derby Dome

   This Pinewood Derby car display case has the following features:

  • Crystal clear plastic dome keeps the car clean and dust free.
  • Mounting brackets snap between wheels securing car to pedistal. No tools needed.
  • Tilted mounted improves view.
  • Solid high quality plastic dome fits tight.
  • Fits both standard wheelbase and extended wheelbase pinewood cars.
  • Size: 4.4" X 4.4" X 8.9"
  • Personalized nameplates available for $4.00/set.


1. Remove dome from pedistal

2. From the bottom of the pedistal, unsnap and remove the two mounting brackets.

3. Squeeze and insert mounting brackets between wheels with snap beam towards center of car.

4. With mounting brackets installed, insert car into pedistal. Be sure snap beams are facing inward.

5. Position car over pedistal.  Fully insert mounting brackets until the ends fit down over outside of pedistal.

6. From bottom of the pedistal, lightly pull bottom of snap to insure car is latched.

7. Install dome back on Pedistal. Optional: Car can be installed at angle as shown.
Derby Dome Nameplate

Custom nameplates are available for $4.00 text only or $8.00 full color. These are plastic plates with the printing melted into the plastic. Available in gold, silver or white with black text. Ordering instructions are on the box.

Derby Dome

Derby Domes