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May 18 2024
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How to use a coping saw to cut your pinewood derby car. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Coping Saw Instructions

Coping Saw

This coping saw is easy to use.

Install the Coping Saw Blade

Loosen the saw

Loosen the saw by screwing the handle of the saw counter-clockwise several turns while holding the wing nut.

The blade should be mounted so that the blade does the most cutting when the saw is pulled.

Add pins to saw blade

Place the pins on the end of the blade into the holder grooves at each end of the saw. Unscrew the handle more if needed.  Hold the blade in place with the wing nut and screw the handle clockwise until tight.

Rough Cut and Shape Your Pinewood Derby Car

Trace the block

Trace your block on a piece of paper then draw your car design inside the block trace. Cut out the design then trace it on both sides of your car block.
Secure the block

Put the the car block in a vice while cutting and shaping.
Cut your pinewood derby car

Cut out the car design while trying to stay close to the trace lines.  When half way through, turn the car over and start cutting from the other end.
Round the edges

Use a wood rasp to round the edges and add more shape to your Pinewood Car.

Finish with sandpaper.