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Jun 19 2024
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How to assemble your Pinewood Derby car inspection box. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Pinewood Derby Car Inspection Box Instructions

Required Tools

  1. Small phillips head screwdriver
  2. Wood glue (optional)

Note: Glue can be applied to any of the wood joints for added strength, if desired.

Assembly Instructions

You can assemble the pieces in any order. All holes are pre-drilled. The holes on one side of each piece have a counter sink for the screw head. The counter sink side of each piece should face out away from the base.  Align the screws with the pre-drilled holes in the based and screw the parts in place until the screw is snug.

When the box is assembled, put a car that is 7" long in the box. If it doesn't quite fit, remove the end piece and put washers (not included) between it and the base to extend it out.   You can also use this technique to allow pinewood cars that are slightly over 7".

You can make marks on the tops of the side panels to check wheel spacing. Also mark the end of the box for the front of the car so that the wheel marks will align up.

How To Use

Car Dimension Checking

Car Dimension Checking - Place the car to be inspected in the inspection box. If the car fits fully inside then the car meets the standard dimension limits (max 2-3/4” width, max 7” length, and min 1-3/4” wheel spacing).

Underbody Clearance Checking - Try spinning the wheels with your finger. If the wheels spin then the car does not meet the minimum 3/8” underbody clearance. 

Wheelbase Checking - If you made marks on the side panels for position of the axles, you can compare the car wheelbase with those marks.

Raised Wheel Check - If your rules require that all four wheels touch the track, try to spin each front wheel with your finger. If a wheel spins then it is raised.

Start Pin Checking

Start Pin Checking – The center of the front of the car should touch
the end of the box to make sure that no part of the car extends past the
leading edge of the start pin.

Car Height Check

Car Height - In the rare event that you suspect that a car might exceed
the height limit, measure the height of the car by placing one end of
a ruler in the box wheel well .