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Can Am Pinewood Derby car kits. It's as easy as ABC! 

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Instructions for Can
                Am Pinewood Derby Car KitInstructions for Can Am Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Pinewood Derby Car - Can Am Racer

Weigh all car parts before assembling. The weight has notches that can be broken off with pliers. Break off excess weight until the total weight is slightly more than 5 oz.  You can always remove excess weight on the day of the race by breaking off additional notches. Remember to bring pliers to the race.

Prepare the car body by sanding it until it is smooth. Use the medium sandpaper first then the fine sandpaper. Use wood putty to fill any gaps, cuts or scratches.

Test fit front and rear fenders, rear spoiler, engine block, rollbar, steering wheel, back of seat, driver and dash cover. If needed, sand any areas that do not fit. Glue all parts to the car body .

Paint the white section first with the accent paint according to the picture on the box. Sand lightly then paint a second coat. Allow to dry thoroughly. Mask off the white section with masking tape. Paint the rest of the car red. Sand lightly and paint again. Do not sand after the final coat.

Glue all details except the rollbar and wheel and axle assembly.  The rollbar has small nubs where it attaches to the car. You can sand the nubs off and glue the rollbar directly to the car or mark where the nubs meet the car body. Use a safety pin to hollow out space for the nubs then glue the rollbar on the car. Test fit the decals. trim if needed. Apply the decals to the car.

Paint the car with the clear finish. Do not sandpaper between coats.

Center axles over the axle slots and gently tap them into the slots with a small hammer. Glue axles in place. Lubricate the axles with graphite where the wheels rotate. Add wheels and hub caps.  Your Pinewood Derby car is done!

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