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Jun 19 2024
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How to use bore wax to increase the speed of your Pinewood Derby car. 

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How to Use Pinewood Derby Bore Wax

Pinewood Derby Bore Wax

Pro Bore Wax

Bore waxing as the final step of wheel preparation has shown to be a significant speed benefit in Pinewood Derby car racing. It leaves a very slick final finish that reduces friction for smooth, quick starts and faster overall runs. Prepare your wheels and polish the hub before applying the bore wax.


1. Clean and polish the inside of the wheel bore with our Pro Wheel Polish or with a clean pipe cleaner.
2. Apply a small amount of bore wax to the thin pipe cleaner. Work the wax into the fibers. Don't leave any thick spots or clumps.
3. Place the pipe cleaner in the wheel bore and gently apply the wax by moving the pipe cleaner back an forth and rotating it. The object is to coat the full surface of the wheel bore with the wax. Be careful to not wipe the wax out when removing the pipe cleaner.
4. Allow 30 minutes for the wax to cure to a haze.
5. Use the thick pipe cleaner to buff the hub bore to a slick shiny gloss.  Remove any extra wax on the wheel with a Q-tip or soft rag.
6. Lubricate and attach the wheels to the car.