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May 18 2024
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Wrap your Pinewood Derby car with a body skin. It's as easy as ABC! 

Example of pinewood car


Add the look of a customized paint job to Pinewood Derby Cars

Easy to apply - all you need is a scissors and sponge

These instructions are for a difficult car with a lot of corners. Typical cars are much easier.

1. Sand your car to remove rough spots and make it smooth.

2. Lay the Body Skin down on a clean, dry surface. Place your car on its side over the design. Trace each side and top of the car on the Body Skin with an 1/8" overlap around the car.

3. Here is what the result should look like. The left side of the car was traced on the bottom and the right side on the top. The top of the car was traced in the center of the Body Skin.

4. Cut out the patterns with a scissors.

5. Take one of the side patterns and peel off the backing paper from the semi-transparent side of the pattern. Stick the pattern to the side of the car starting from one end and bending around the curves. The pattern should overlap the car bottom by 1/8".

6. Make sure that the pattern makes contact with every part of the side of the car.

7. Soak the pattern with a sponge. Press down on the pattern to keep it in contact with the car.

8. After a minute or so, the backing paper will begin to separate from the design. Carefully slide or peel the backing paper off.

9. Gently fold the edges of the design over the car. Smooth out wrinkles by dipping your fingers in water and rubbing over design.

10. Repeat for the other side of the car.

11. Apply the remaining pattern to the top of the car using the same technique.

12. Fold the top pattern over the car and overlap with the side designs.

13. Use the same technique to cover any remaining areas of the car.

14. Use the black skin for windows, grills, bumpers and other areas of the car.

15. A completely covered car.

16. After the skin has dried, coat with clear gloss finish.

Ready to Race!

Body Skin

Watch this video on how to apply the pinewood derby body skin.

Body Skin Transcript

Custom body skins turn a plain racer into an awesome racing machine with no paint, little time and no artistic talent.

Body skins are created so that the colors and designs can be overlapped. Always apply these skins to a smooth, finished car body. As an option, you could use body putty as a smoothing compound on your car before applying the body skins.

If you are applying this to a simple design, peel off the backing paper and center the design, sticky side down, over your car. Use a very wet sponge to transfer the design onto the car. Smooth the wrinkles out as much as possible. The carrier sheet will release from the design.

If you are applying the body skins to a complex design, it is best to apply it in steps. Lay the design face down on a table. Trace each side of the car onto the design, leaving 1/8 inch seam allowance. For the top of the car, use the whole length of the sheet. Cut out the patterns and put the first side on the car. Then follow with the other side and top, folding the design under the car. You may need to patch uneven contours, such as fenders or custom body parts.

Use the black skin for windshields and windows. Cut out and apply with a wet sponge over the top of your design.

Dry your design thoroughly and seal with our water-based gloss finish for the complete paint system.

You can also use body skins for custom accents and details on your car. Cut out your own design and apply to the car.